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From: Nick
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Date: 03/06/2024 09:24:28
Desert Eagles
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Eagle Farm
My fellow Americans,

4 score and… well actually just 6 years ago, you all elected me as coach of the U21 team. I was an enthusiastic BB player and fan, and had been super involved in scouting and training for the team. I thought I was ready for the task.

As you may know, my two season tenure was less than spectacular. We had an unfortunate game planning against chile in Americas Semi-final, and had to fight our way through repechage the next season at worlds. We did manage to pull off an upset against Italy to qualify for worlds, however the damage was done. Too much enthusiasm was used and we were not able to compete past that.

I knew then I needed to pass the baton, however I was not satisfied with my performance, and had every intention of coming back to help lead America.

Since then I have learned so much more about the game. I trained a player for another U21 team, I have trained 2 NT players, and at the club level I have reached the NBBA, and even made the finals! I now know more about the game than I ever have before, and I am confident with the staff and community we have built, I can lead our U21 team at a high level, and compete against the world’s best!

I can no longer say MAGA, as it carries a more negative connotation nowadays, and my buddy Antwon already made us great again. So I will leave it with this


From: TTS
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Date: 03/08/2024 19:49:25
Big Gulp Reincarnated
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Good evening Buzzerbeater America. I am not going to include a bunch of Patriotic slogans or phrases in this speech because that has never been my specialty. But you know what my speciality is? Winning (disregard me getting demoted from II this season...we know this game is about money)! I've never lost in international play and I never intend to. Point blank period.

Now the election page says "If you think you can handle the pressure of managing USA's national team, register for this election"...Well ladies and gentlemen, you're in luck because pressure is my middle name (yea I had some weird parents). I don't simply withstand the pressure but I APPLY the pressure.

Now if I haven't convinced you by now, I probably never will. But let me keep trying.

I have comprised a staff that I believe is next level. I will be joined by Rexapex and Xpaz. They arevnot only two of the top Buzzerbeater minds, they are known for thinking outside the box and that what I believe that team USA needs to get over the hump again. So far outside the box we are actually in a completely different box. We have another manager by the name of Managed by a computerized player, that we have taken under our wing. He is still learning but I believe he has potential and I don't believe he has peaked yet.

I'm ready for this and you should be ready for this as we aim to revolutionize the game. One thing I ask you is to be patient as I wait for Yuck to bring me to the promise land.If I am patient and you are patient... we (yuck) will do this together.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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