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Saturday, 02 December 2023
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By E.B.W. in Season 63:
I’ll gladly let you warm the seat in the 8 seed spot if you’re offering. 😉
By Coco in Season 63:
Hi all, II.3 is where my previous team faded into irrelevancy and then eventually died in season 28 (albeit Great 8 side). I'm here to steal wins and try to sta
By IKnowZip in Season 63:
My 4th trip to DII but I've looked at all the teams. I suspect my stay will be short. :)
By yohnst in Season 63:
The BB Gods are adamant on my spending time in II.3 as I move up and down chasing NBBA dreams. Lots of familiar faces (team names) here. Excited to mix it u
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Vilmo Fagundes
80 Points
Simon Aaron
39 Rebounds
Gary Milot
21 Assists
Warren Nunn
11 Blocks