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Anyone aware that this game is dying?

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From: Gugugu
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Date: 05/20/2023 16:10:38
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Are conservative veteran players and the BB development team aware that this game is dying?

List some obvious problems, some of which I have already raised years ago but have never been taken seriously.
This makes me doubt whether the BB team has a truly qualified product manager.

Please note that my views may not be 100% correct for each one, but some errors will not affect the overall conclusion.

1. Blocking players do not require dribbling training, and their formation cycle is half a year shorter than ordinary players.
The salary formula gives them an unfairly advantageous position compared to traditional center players.
2. After strengthening the 23-zone defense, if the 23-zone defense always wins the inside tactics and the 32-zone defense always wins the outside tactics, then tactics become pure gambling and coin tossing, which is not interesting for a manager game.
3. Using low-salary blocking players makes it difficult to win against 32-zone defense in inside tactics and 23-zone defense in outside tactics. Combine this with the previous point, it becomes even more interesting.
4. The excessively long training cycle makes it extremely difficult for new users to join. Three years to train an 18-year-old player to 30 years old is so long that I can even earn two master's degrees in that time.
5. Similarly because of the long training cycle, developers' underconsideration of changes causes losses that are simply unacceptable.
For example, after the weakening of inside tactics several seasons ago, top players with inside shooting skills of 24-25 lost value, but nobody takes responsibility for their loss due to the change.
Changes that harm manager interests discourage enthusiasm, making them more likely to quit.
6. BB developers seem to not know what is beneficial for the game. Hattrick is a good reference as a similar type product.
For example, the previously discussed automatic bidding function, any qualified operation team would know to please their paying users. If some conservative veteran users object, at least make it a supporter function, right?
7. Increasing training speed leads to a substantial increase in top players' salaries, but the added BBM income is insufficient to pay for it.
As a manager game, everyone wants the players they cultivate to become stronger, rather than catering to the personal preferences of certain users or developers to limit the salary of top national team players to 100,000.
(Don't learn from Blizzard; Blizzard is your father and forces you to use fixed methods to play games)
8. Remember passing and range skills? Similarly, due to the salary formula problem, their effect is very awkward.

In short, the BB team needs to thank the designers and developers of the initial game engine, skill, and training systems for bringing fun to users and revenue to the game.
However, the current game pace is doomed in the era where there are many new forms of entertainment replacing it, and BB can only linger and slowly die.
As a 4-year user of BB, I have enjoyed some game fun, I still wish BB can explore new game modes and profit points.

By the way, has the BB team really not considered developing new game modes or even BB 2.0?

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Date: 05/21/2023 15:39:01
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IMB Team

BB becoming open-source..... would be a pleasure to see in wich I had been trapped for de las 15 years

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From: Tesse

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Date: 05/22/2023 03:04:49
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The Milk
thanks again for dedicating your time to this Justin. It has made, and continuous to make, a huge difference.

Crunchy! If you eat fast enough
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Date: 05/22/2023 04:57:18
Súria Lakers
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Súria Lakers II
I don't think they ever announced this. But they actually started a new product 10+ years ago that would be a new game mode using the BB game engine. The best way to explain it would be a Career Private League mode that could go at its own pace with customizable rules. (They never finished the work on that, but they did ask me if I could resurrect that project).

Is it possible to know a bit more about this? As a non-competitive pvp as I am, I'd be very happy to play something like a Career mode.

Thank for all the valuable information.

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From: canci

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Date: 05/22/2023 14:34:45
Akul Atina
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bb justin does a top job and in the last two years the buzzer has never been better. Those who complain about every little thing should remember how it was before Justin