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Date: 02/28/2020 12:02:24
Quito Rebels
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Team 52675 (RedDevilz) put the player 48043957 on sale. Clearly the player is not worthy 3M, but another team from the same country (52702) offered that money for it. Please, report the cheater. Thanks

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Date: 02/29/2020 07:21:04
Can give to me player this draft mvp/hof in my country for my to buy? He is not cheap, easy find player like other country. Thousand player high potential but nobody Malaysian.

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Date: 02/29/2020 08:57:18
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Tak Cuba Tak Tahu
I agree with what is written above. Look at the team's roster. We have a few teams made only of national players. Malaysian players are rare and we (me included) tend to pay a little bit more than the market price to unsure that the player stays or returns safely home. This is not the first time a Malaysian team overpaid for a Malaysian player and it will happen again.


Edit: please, also look at when teams were created, RedDevilz Basketball Club is one of the oldest team in the country, it was created during season 3. The other team you refer to was created during season 20. The history shows that these 2 teams are no cheaters.

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Date: 02/29/2020 09:18:10
RedDevilz Basketball Club
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It's good that you pay attention to our player.

I never wanted to sell this player for cheap anyway, if he stay, i am happy to train him as the potential is high for my team.

However, i am in mid of restructuring my team for few more seasons, so i simply put out all three of my new draft to see if can capture money for future expansion purpose.

I have never msg or talk to any active here here. In fact, i am always quite in this league. So, i will never have any intention to cheat.

If any manager feel they need these new potential young player, they can have it, just pay whatever money that i simply put up to transfer market.

That as simple as that.