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Saturday, 02 December 2023
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By CoachDoofus in Season 52:
remember the name, cus the farts are going places
By Txoak in Season 52:
Congratulations! You were clearly the strongest team, well-deserved champions! I hope we can meet again in another group soon. In the meantime, my guys n
By Easybreezy in Season 52:
That was good series of games. Hope you still promote based on record.
By Txoak in Season 52:
Yes, if you "leave us" for the next season there will be no one else to compete, so fingers crossed... About the arena, I try to keep the proportions optimiz
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There are currently no injured players in this league or league matches are in progress.
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Player Team Price Salary
Gururaja Nair GetBuckets $ 3 000 $ 4 801
Best Performances
Christoforos Nikakis
80 Points
Cholan Bhaskaran
40 Rebounds
Gigo Darakhvelidze
23 Assists
Dmytro Derevianko
12 Blocks