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Date: 11/02/2022 18:09:47
Wasted Potential
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Hey everyone!

I’m Mediocrity and I’m running to be the next NT coach. Our National Team has gone quite a few seasons without a trophy at the world’s championship (20 seasons) and even longer without a gold (30 seasons). As one of the countries with the most users in BB I think we have what it takes to become a top tier National Team again and I believe I can help bring us there. Here are a few of my qualifications:

Success with club team
This last season I took home the NBBA title for the first time in what was my third season in our top league. The season before I won the USA tournament. I think I’ve demonstrated through my own team’s success that as a manager I understand game planning, tactics, and how to build a successful roster. On top of all that, I’ve shown that I have the patience and long-term planning that is needed to win at the top level. One of the things our National Team needs most is to plan ahead. It can take 7-10 seasons to train National Team players which means that we need to be constantly planning that far in advance.

Involvement in the USA community and National Team
Over the last few seasons, I have become very involved in the USA community whether it is being active on discord or here on the forums. I’ve put in a lot of effort to spike interest in the national teams as well as buzzerbeater as a whole. I can bring this same enthusiasm as National Team coach to inspire more people to train top level talent.

I’ve also been active in helping plan tactics for the national team as well as scout our potential opponents. More than anyone I have studied how other National Team’s are succeeding where we are not. I’ve maintained a scouting database of their players that come onto the TL and have seen where we are falling behind with our players. I know the areas we can start improving in now. Additionally, I have had 3 of our top national team players on my roster for the last two seasons. I’ve kept their game shape up for crucial games which has often been a problem for our team as game shape is a huge factor in our team’s success.

U21 coaching experience
For the last 5 seasons I was the manager of the Dominican Republic U21 National Team. While at one point there were only two active users in the Dominican Republic, the team saw the most success in its history the last two seasons. I brought them to a world rank #26 which was much higher than any previous season. From my time as their U21 manager I learned how to use buzzerbeater’s scouting tools, how to communicate training with managers, and how to best compete in the America’s competition.

The National Team requires a lot of work as well as patience and I’m ready for the job. Let’s work to bring home a World Championship again!

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Date: 11/03/2022 16:05:04
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Hello all,

I am once again running for the NT job after coming just short two seasons ago against a manager that not one time offered a plan(go recheck), and thus, predictably, came up way short...

Several seasons ago, a big point of criticism against me was that I was in DIV. That really annoyed me, because it basically diminished my candidacy and all that I could offer because I picked a path(one that, I might add, is a fantastic one) to tank to save money and train some elite players. Elite players that have earned myself into DII in quick time. Doing so on the back of a homegrown HoF player that I made a conscious choice when he was 18 to skip U21 for NT. Now, he might not make the NT because it's really bloody hard to do so, but I trust absolutely no one else to give advice to a manager of a sick HoF+ 18 year old on how to potentially make it, using what I have learned and what not to do. It's easy to buy players, but to train them up and know how to make that elite player is something I know extremely well(maybe only Tough, Tranquil, or Sixth I trust more) . And we need that guy more after the previous years of futility. This game is for everyone, and let me be easy to approach, and quick to advise so I can see a more unified effort towards the NT(and thus U21).

50 seasons of dedication, admiration, and love for our NT programs has resulted in zero coaching jobs. Not a one. I used to believe the best man won, but then failure occurs with people who beat me (with a big exception to the GOATs Antwon and Tough) I grow sour, and I wonder what people think about me that they won't tell me. The chance to be a world champion is not something anyone wants to take with me.

And I will win the whole bloody thing because if I don't then 50 seasons of effort has failed you all, and I won't let myself be an unworthy coach to players I've been entrusted with, and managers who believe in me.

I've given all I have the offer to people on Discord(and it's predecessors), more than anyone even realizes, and they see the new and shiny, or someone who pops in, wins, and then leaves their mess behind. I have never been that guy, so give me the chance to prove that I am the guy who turns us back into a world power.

Thank you all!

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Date: 11/03/2022 18:10:27
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