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BB-Marin Q&A: Answered! (s52)

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Date: 12/19/2020 19:51:38
Hip Hop Macedonia
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I will never abandon BB, so barring force majeure - I will work for BB forever. If something happens to me, there are other people that can take care of the site on their own and can take over at any point. I might get tired and overwhelmed at times, and while things seem to have been moving slowly lately, we have great plans for BB's future and I'm very excited to see them realized!

Gave me goosebumps.

Also, can someone close the "Is BB slowly dying" forum topic, finally? Thanks! lol

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From: ned

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Date: 12/20/2020 04:09:44
Freccia Azzurra
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Second Team:
Do players actually have "hidden" skills (like aggressiveness), if so could you elaborate about them? If not - any chance to see this in the future?
Yes, they have and I can only say what most already know: some of the hidden stats determine how prone to fouling players are. Others are better left a mystery ;)

Marin since it seems completely random, why don't give us a way to reduce aggressiveness hiring a kind of specialist? Like to see similar specialist for potential too. Personally I would spend a lot of money to make some players "better"

1990-2022 Stalinorgel -
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Date: 12/20/2020 08:11:35
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Thank you for your candor and transparency. You have a tough job and do not get enough credit for your hard work and professionalism.

Thank you.

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Date: 12/20/2020 09:33:49
Le Cotiche
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Is there any improvements or updates for outside scoring teams in Buzzerbeater? Because inside scoring teams dominate the whole game with players with high OD.
Yes, an improved GE that addresses this issue is being tested in scrimmages during the better part of this season and its showing a lot of promise. We will implement it for all match types at the beginning of season 52.

i'm a little confused by this answer
you say "we will implement it" but season 52 has already begun
so, is the new GE already been used in games or will it be implemented in the future?

EDIT: nevermind, i has not noticed the S52 news yet

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From: Vykter

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Date: 12/20/2020 09:58:56
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Thank you for answering our questions Marin. Looking forward to see the changes you have in store for the BB in the near future. Best of luck on your efforts!

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Date: 12/20/2020 10:05:58
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Second Team:
Thank you for your answers, I am glad that you answered my question about stamina, really looking forward for stamina changes!

But do not forget to make changes for training, cause we still would need our full training minutes. If player won't be able to play full 48 minutes per game I think it would be wise to lower minutes of full training to 40 mins or something similar so that we still could get full training for 3 guys in one position trainings

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Date: 12/20/2020 17:42:11
Folgado Lakers
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Folgado Lakers II
I've had a hard-on reading your future plans for BB.


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Date: 12/20/2020 17:55:52
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Suggestion for stamina.

We managers hate to give up training for stamina (and also free throws in the past). So i have 2 suggestions adressing this problem:

-make some sort of a training complex to train stamina on its own (just like free throws)
-let the stamina level increase if a player plays a lot of games/minutes and decrease if a player plays very few games.

I like the first one better, but the second one is not far behind it. Whatever you would choose, the weekly increase should be little, because stamina only has 9 levels. But (positive) changes should be made in this field.