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By Knicksfan in New Guy:
Hey Guys! I am hoping to enjoy this game if anyone has advice it would be really appreciated. General Manager of TBLS Titans
By luckyone1 in hi:
o man this game is one of good game
By LBS in another new guy:
By DJ Kristyles in another new guy:
hopefully I can do this right
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Player Team Injury Salary
Donald Valdez Dead Eye 1 - 1 $ 4 874
Clayton Marion Ellendale Aristocrats 2 - 4 $ 4 778
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There are currently no players listed on the transfer market from this league.
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Senol Güray
80 Points
Al Doyle
33 Rebounds
Scipio Provenzale
23 Assists
Kadir Saygun
10 Blocks