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Saturday, 02 December 2023
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By Draconus in Season 57:
Talk about a pretty lopsided league! Looks pretty obvious who will be getting promoted this season. Great job with those that are here!
By JayKay in Season 57:
Yup! That's been my strategy too. Building up a pretty lethal backcourt. My sg might not have seemed that impressive last year, but he actually lead the league
By Draconus in Season 57:
Nice! I am curious to see how quickly I can advance the 2nd time around, knowing what I know now. I ended up stuck in D2 for a while last time. Best of luck
By JayKay in Season 57:
Welcome back Draconus. I had a similar story, this will be my third season since coming back.
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Player Team Injury Salary
Ivan Šupić Miami Heat ac 10 - 19 $ 8 324
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There are currently no players listed on the transfer market from this league.
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Gerasim Lunkin
81 Points
Ivan Zholobov
38 Rebounds
Jean-Marie Fousse
29 Assists
Jay Flynn
12 Blocks