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Saturday, 02 December 2023
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By Supreme Leader Choi in Season 52:
Here we go again . . . best of luck to all. I am hoping to finish in the top 17 teams this season . . . in the middle of a VERY SLOW building process. I final
By LA-Wendell Alexis in Season 51:
Well, it seems Fonzi has won two championships this season. Winning the Bundesliga in BB-Germany is probably a bit more important, but still. Congratulations. :)
By KIKINO in Season 51:
Disillusioned with the engine of the game, almost two minutes into the second quarter I lost by 8 goals and Youfa, a Berlin player, was fouled by a shot from my
By LA-Wendell Alexis in Season 51:
I guess you‘ll be able to find a couple of older players that aren’t too expensive on the TL. But whatever happens: I‘ll give you coach of the century if you pr
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Gajo Tešanovic
86 Points
Bohdan Maleszak
38 Rebounds
Timotheus Brenker
21 Assists
Jan Baez
12 Blocks