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Saturday, 02 December 2023
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By karapatsakidis in Saison 62:
Thanks folks! After Tijeras going bot, I thought the title would be easy, but you made it quite hard and had some nice games! Off to next season now (y)
By Norris in Saison 62:
Congrats karapatsakidis!! It’s a well-deserved title.
By mickmack in Saison 62:
Congratulations karapatsakidis! Great roster and season!
By Belekas34 in Saison 62:
Congrats to karapatsakidis, unfortunately early injury ended my chances for the title. Not a bad season overall, but badly missed my GDP in both finals :/
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Luis Cañellas
96 Points
Earle Preston
37 Rebounds
Mark Peralta
20 Assists
Jean Desbiolles
13 Blocks