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Date: 11/02/2007 19:33:28
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Forum Rules and Valuable Info
The global forum is English only

Buzzerbeater is a game for all ages across the world. Managers should always consider that in their actions and at all times show respect towards other players in the community.

In the forum areas of Buzzerbeater, it is not permitted to post:
- Player advertising and player valuation requests.
- Scrimmage advertising.
- Private League advertising outside of the Private League Ad Thread (86196.1)
- Spam, (i.e. multiple posting of the same message).
- Racist or personal attacks; attacks on a specific nation or religion.
- Political and religious discussions.
- Excessive use of swearing or profane language.
- Cheating accusations. Please use the Cheating Report tool.
- Advertising things or services you wish to buy/sell/trade in real life.
- Asking for help with illegal software (piracy) or CD-keys to such games/software.
- Promote criminal activities or use of illegal goods or substances, i.e. drugs.
- Bumping, (i.e. replying needlessly to, your thread to raise its status in order to promote yourself or the content of the thread).
- Discussions about decisions taken by BBs or GMs (use
- Begging for Supporter is not allowed.
- Referral links.
- Links to pornographic content or content that is not intended for children.
- Useless or irritating posts. This includes single syllable answers, trolling(*) and spamming.

(*)trolling (

Additionally, excessive use of CAPITAL letters is considered to be shouting and is not tolerated.

Buzzerbeater Rules can be found here: (/community/rules.aspx?nav=RulesOfConduct). Please, please, please! read them before you ask your questions!

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Date: 11/02/2007 19:34:32
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Dealing with aggressive posters

If someone acts aggressively towards you on the forums or, in your opinion, isn't playing by the rules, then don't overreact. If they really are going too far, then it's more likely he/she will suffer any consequences. If you lose control, the chance of continuing a sensible discussion is severely decreased. The thread often deteriorates into an flame war which is not in anyone's interest.

New Thread

Before you open a new thread, ask yourself these questions:

1) Am I in the correct forum? Does my topic belong in the Non-BB forum or, perhaps, the Global forum?

2) Is there already a thread about my topic?

It's always better to post in an existing thread than open a new topic about the same subject. This shows you've made the effort to look for an answer yourself and also read the opinions of other users. Duplicate threads will be shut very quickly.

If you're sure you're in the right place, then you can open a thread.


Use explanatory and understandable titles for your topics!

The thread title is a very useful way of getting the attention of other managers using 50 characters or less. Don't waste your title on throwaway general subject lines such as "help me!" ( or worse "HELP ME !!!!!!!"). Don't use this space to express the size of your pain; use it for something more useful.

If you have more than one question, comment or suggestion then write them together in one post. There's nothing more irritating than clicking through a couple of click fire threads by a single user. It shows you haven't thought about what you want to say before you start writing.

Make it easy to answer your post.

It is important to express your question or opinion in a clear and structured way. If that's too much effort for you then it's usually too much effort for someone to try and understand what you want. Spend a little time re-reading your post. You don't have to be too formal with your language, but questions and comments should be written with some precision. This is an indication that you're interested and paying attention.

Some people that have understood that being unfriendly and arrogant on the forums is a bad thing often choose the exact opposite. "I know, I'm a stupid, pathetic, n00b loser, but .. ". This isn't amusing and even less helpful.

Generally, if your post is unclear then you won't get a sensible answer.

--Thanks to BB-Oxidus for most of this!--

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