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Date: 10/27/2007 04:58:39
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First off, read the "Rules" section. Already did that? Good! Read it again

A detailed guide to the game can be found here: (144856.1).


From BB-Mark:

Quite a few new users have asked me what it is they're supposed to be doing, now that they're signed up.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Your next league game is on Tuesday or Saturday, and your next cup match (if you're still in the running) is on Thursday. Before this game, you absolutely need to set your team's lineup and tactics. To do this, link to the SCHEDULE page from the TEAM menu on the left, and click "SET ORDERS" for your first match. This will bring you to your TACTICS page.

2) At this point, it's not a bad idea to open up a separate page with your team's roster on it.

3) From your TACTICS page, you should do the following:

- Select the 12 players who will take part in the match;

- Set your starting lineup, backups, and reserve players;

- Set your offensive and defensive tactics, as well as your team's attitude for the upcoming match.

How you set these variables is entirely up to you. You should certainly try different set-ups every so often to see how well they work.

Many new users are unsure how to pick their lineups. One way to start is by listing your roster by position, and selecting the highest paid baller for each position as your starter, the next highest for your backup, and so on. However, you'll probably also want to consider the age of your players; younger players will train faster, and will be around for longer, so you should give them some court time so they'll become better. Furthermore, you might consider putting in a strong Point Guard (if you have extra) instead of a weaker Shooting Guard (if you're short on SG's), for example. The possibilities are endless (well, not really... it's more like (n choose 12) * 3^12, but that's still a really big number).

If you're still not satisfied with your lineup, try BB-Mailing a friend for advice!

I hope this helps!

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Date: 11/02/2007 01:04:38
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More Helpful Hints

Season Length

The season is 14 weeks long -- 11 regular season weeks and 3 playoff weeks.


C - Center: Normally plays close to the basket and is responsible for getting rebounds and blocking shots.
PF - Power Forward: Usually the bigger, stronger forward who plays close to the basket and is responsible for rebounding and inside scoring.
SF - Small Forward: Usually bigger than the guards but smaller than the power forward; responsibilities include both inside and outside work.
PG - Point Guard: Usually a team's floor leader, who initiates the offense and controls the tempo of the game.
SG - Shooting Guard: Generally, the player who takes the majority of the shots from the perimeter, many of which are three-point attempts.

Match Report Abbreviations

MIN - Minutes Played
FG - Field Goals *
3FG - 3-Point Field Goals
FT - Free Throws
OR - Offensive Rebounds
TR - Total Rebounds
AST - Assists
TO - Turnovers
STL - Steals
BLK - Blocks
PF - Personal Fouls
PTS - Points

* The FG statistic also takes into account 3FGs.

Schedule Page Abbreviations

Regular Season
C - Cup Game
SC - Scrimmage Game
TV - Televised League Game
PL - Private League (Supporter Feature)

PO - Playoff Game
SF - Semi-final Game
F - Final Game
TB - Tie-breaker Game
RL - Relegation Game

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