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Date: 03/06/2024 17:40:45
Coos Bay Cougars
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Hey All,

I was trying to think of a way to get my league III.7 in the USA excited about the new season and figured I would try out this new game show idea.

Each round of the league one matchup is selected by the schedule to be a TV game. It rotates fairly evenly among all teams. So it maybe a fun way to get everyone's team some attention and some hype.

How it will work. Any manager apart from the two team managers involved will select their predicted winner and the margin of victory.

Closest will receive 5 points
2nd closest will receive 3 points
3rd closest will receive 1 point
Any additional guesses that were right but not within the top 3 will receive a 0.5 point

At the End of the Season the winner will be gifted 3 months supporter.

First Matchup:

A Great 8 clash against possible playoff foes.

Rashmonsters @ Drunken Sconnies this Saturday.
Their last matchup was a first round playoff matchup where Rashmonsters won in ovetime.
Rashmonsters 115 - 104 Drunken Sconnies (H)

They have played 5 times in the last two seasons with Drunken going 4-1.

Please submit your Prediction in this format via the league forum on Buzzerbeater.


Winner: ___ By: __

***Last note of house keeping. The forum notates if someone edited their post so please don't edit your post once your prediction is cast as it will disqualify your submission for the round as I can't tell if you edited your post before or after tipoff. If you posted wrong and want to re-guess. Make a new post prior to tipoff.

Thanks again for your participation and may the odds be ever in your favor.

The doctor is in...