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Date: 11/16/2022 16:26:16
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This thread will be for updates and information on the National Team for those who are on the forums. For the most National Team discussion and resources join the BB discord at Message me if you do join so I can get you added to the USA specific channels.

I want to kick off this thread with a couple of common questions that I have gotten or that people might have about the National Team.

Is my player good enough for the National Team?

The best way to get this answered is to message me about them! However, a couple things that every National Team player or prospect will have:

1. Hall of Fame potential (some MVP potentials can make the team, but they are more rare)
2. High level training since they were a rookie (usually level 6 trainer + a gym). This typically means at least 90 total skill points by the time they are 21 and at least 120 by the time they are 24 (preferably even more). Players typically don't make the team until 26 or older and most National Team guards/forwards have around 150 TSP and bigs just a little bit less but high inside skills.
3. Good game shape management. Players playing on the National team need to be in 8 or 9 game shape every week. A sports psychologist can help with this.

What benefit do I get for training a player for the National Team?

1. If you have a player on the National Team you get a very big boost to your merchandise each week they are in the lineup (approximately 15% of your players salary).
2. If your player doesn't make the team you will still be left with one of the best players in the country.
3. Having a USA trained player on your team increases your weekly merchandise regardless of whether they make National Team.
4. It is fun to watch your player play for the team on Mondays.

Can I train a player for the National Team?

If you want to train a player for the National team then the first step is to acquire a hall of fame potential player. This can be through the draft (getting lucky) or through the transfer market. Join the discord and check the NT-chat channel where I post potential prospects that are on the transfer list (from 18 year olds to current players).

Keep in mind that to train them to be a National Team level player you will need to invest quite a bit of money in trainers and infrastructure. A level 6+ trainer as well as a level 3 gym is preferred, however a level 5 trainer can be sufficient in cases where you can't afford a level 6.

How should I train my player?

You can always send me a message for advice on training for the National Team, however there are great training resources as well as a National Team specific guide on the discord! Send me a message if you are unable to find them.

I don't want to train, but I would like to help out the National Team. What can I do?

If you are a top division team then we are always looking to for managers to acquire the older players already on the National Team. Their merchandise they bring each week will help you to maintain their salary (only in division 1 or 2 in most cases). Managing the game shape on the national team players is always something that is needed that benefits both the player's owner and the National Team.

Additionally, we can often use help scouting opponent teams and talent. If you are interested in that then reach out to me.

How can I follow our teams success?

Check out the National team on the side menu or at National Team games are played every Monday so make sure to cheer the team on! Check the NT-chat on discord for score updates as well as in-game discussion. If nobody is commenting on the match then feel free to start the discussion yourself!

An In-depth training guide is available on the discord to USA users along with other training resources and channels to both get advice and post your prospects, so go ahead and

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Date: 11/16/2022 16:29:53
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Best National Team Prospects Season 59

In an effort to make National Team training more exciting and competitive, I will be posting the top prospects for each age at the start of every season. If your player isn't listed, don't despair. Often times the manager committed to training their player the longest is the one that ends up with the player on the team. Feel free to message me to see where your player stands in comparison to others of their age.

Here are the top prospects for each age 25 and under (26 and older will either be making the team or on the watchlist for callups):

1. *Victor Becker (all-star underdogs, USA IV.59)
2. Todd Huey (Amsterdam Chimps, USA III.16)
3. *Jeffrey Nagle (Sofuegg, USA NBBA)

1. Clifton Knutson (NY 10ers, USA IV.57)
2. Clement Lewis (Flashover, USA II.3)
3. Jackie Gresham (Paris Peacocks, USA IV.17)

1. Rod Woodward (Waterloo Mavericks, Utopia IV.42)
2. Rod Jackson (Hong Kong, III.1)
3. Louis Jolly (USA, IV.21)

1. Antonio Fornos (The White Walkers, USA IV.9)
2. Jerry Roman (Big Gulp Reincarnated, USA II.4)
3. Quinn Ellis (Warroad II, Utopia IV.16)

1. Rupert Vogel (Cassville Yuck, USA II.1)
2. Kraig Miller (Straški navihanci, Slovenia II.1)
3. Jose Vicente Iragui (Fortune Teller, USA III.3)

1. Dustin Artis (Red Head, Israel League Ligat Ha’al)
2. Kristofer Sikes (Flashover, USA II.3)
3. Ade Taylor (Visionaries, USA III.6)

1. Michael Lugo (Desert Eagles, USA III.16)
2. Charles Polanco (ZfreeSyria, Spain II.1)
3. Bud Cates (Chicago Nightmare, USA III.6)
3TIE. Neil Kimball (Resurrected Fury, USA III.5)

1. Alfonso Conejos (ETBU Tigers, USA II.1)
2. Efrain Goldstein (Sant Mateu, Spain II.3)
3. Charles Nguyen (The Phantom Thieves, USA II.1)

* indicates for sale or possible sale soon

The future of the team is bright!

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Date: 01/06/2023 12:22:55
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NT Midseason Update

Just a quick update on the NT performance so far this season. We started off the season hot with wins over Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Barbados in our group (along with a scrimmage win). This lead to a battle for first place in the group with defending Americas champion Chile. While we used more effort, Chile almost completed a comeback from down double digits, but our team was able to secure the win and first place in the group! A win over the Bahamas completed the 6-0 record for the 1st group stage.

We are now in the 2nd group stage where the competition is tougher and we are looking to advance through to the semifinals. Our first game we took care of Uruguay quite easily, winning by 29 points. This week we are facing Mexico as we look to stay on top of the group.

Calvin Webb and Brett Kang have lead the way in scoring this season, the veteran and the future! Webb also broke the record for games played for the NT in our win over Uruguay. Luis Turland has also been big for us this season, leading the team in rebounds and second in assists. Don Alford has been great running the point for us as well, leading the team in assists and 3rd in points.

Hopefully we can keep winning and return to the top of the Americas competition.