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Season 59

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Date: 11/08/2022 19:40:01
The Orchestra
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It begins! Two teams from this league's Great 8 promoted last season and we've got a few new faces:
- Nanooks of the North will be recovering after their demotion from III.8.
- Matchstick Men got shuffled over from IV.25 despite registering a strong season 58.
- We've also got four new bots to smash.
- Even worse than the bots, we got a BB in the house "managing" the 1986 Celtics. This team has nearly perfected the art of the loss, with only 2 wins not by forfeit since Ssn 42– that's right folks, we're talking July of 2018 IRL. Last player acquisition was April of 2010. This team is rocking 135 draftees. Even the bots smash this zombie team.

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Date: 11/09/2022 11:36:48
The Reductions
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I've never seen a zombie team before now. Incredible sight. I'm only sad my squad plays them once.

Welcome to the league! Looking forward to another good one.