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From: JPBren
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Date: 11/06/2022 15:04:52
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I'd say my expectations as a common viewer are:

1) More time spent on scouting. No shade being throne to the current group or khenry, i just never got DM'd for my HoF player by anyone on the u21 or NT, and so i am making this the #1 point based on that.

2) Invest slightly more into Handling/Driving, teams such as China for example push 22-23 more often to try and get past the average PG-SG-Sf OD of 20 that most other top 10 nations push out there. I've seen some ugly turnover struggles and /or rebounding struggles from the US in games so that makes me think we aren't matching our skills up with the best of them in HA and REB, but i think Handling is the easier and cheaper fix that will also bring driving up with it.

3) Establish an Americas foothold within the next 3 americas seasons that can never allow smaller nations with fewer managers and talent developers to push us into the worlds play-ins again.

4) Establish the US as an annual top 10 threat that can make the 2nd round of worlds year after year so that we can give ourselves a chance with the right bounces in key games to occasionally make semis/finals runs here and there.

I'd prefer to vote for whoever wins for the next 2 or 3 terms and see if they can produce a long term vision that, even if it doesn't fit what i desire in point 2, can successfully establish us in the americas and worlds round 2 thereafter.

Good luck to both.

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Date: 11/06/2022 16:55:26
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I think you make some good points

1) Being able to organize the scouting to go deeper into the pipeline of players is one of the main reasons I want to be coach. Khenry planned to get this going but got caught up with a new job and not having the time. I think the main way we are going to get better as a NT is by improved contact with trainers and I have the time to get that going.

2) We definitely need to push past 20 for a lot of skills and handling and driving are some of the cheapest. I also think our bigs need more handling and passing as they have been turnover prone in a lot of games. Rebounding problems have come from our lack of big depth where we are often forced into playing multiple bigs with weak rebounding since they are the only ones in good GS. Getting more people to train bigs will be key.

As for 3 and 4 I think both America's and the World have taken a step up in terms of talent and we need to match that. It'll come from our trainers training better players which ties back to #1 and helping USA users understand the builds that work at the top level.

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