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USA Community S57 recap!

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Date: 07/26/2022 00:12:26
Wasted Potential
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Tier 4
Great representation here. Archers of Loafcross top 32! Kiwi Sheep Pimps and WHAIGH (shoutout BB-Will!) also made the top 64!

Tier 5
We are doing good on every tier! Rad Dads top 32, Allied Precise Gunmen top 32! Grand Ma Mas, Warroad, and SK Wolves top 64. Nice job to all of you!

Tier 6
Wow! Each tier I look at gets better! Bullets Forever made a great run all the way to the top 8 where they lost in double OT! What an awesome run from manager Naincom. D2 better watch out. Also making the knockout stages were New York Nugs, Missouri City Sounders (top 32), Fenway Flyers, Bloom County Boingers, Pittsburgh Peacocks (top 32), Sophys Slammers, and HumanFund. Nice representation by the USA in this tier.

From here down, in order to save time for myself I will only mention those that made at least top 16. This goes to show how good we did this season for BBM though, where many teams are making the top 64 and it is hard to keep track of all of them.

Tier 7
McKinley Marauders made the top 8. This was an awesome run lead by some young NT prospects. Keep an eye on Tristan Vickers, he might be a regular for the NT soon.

Tier 8
Now this was a tier dominated by USA teams. Florida Champs led the group stage at 7-0 and advanced to the top 16! Porch Pirates made the semifinals getting passed R3AP3RS in the top 8 (another USA team). Persevering Pride went on a huge run all the way to the final but ended up being knocked out by the same team as Florida Champs and Porch Pirates. These were tremendous runs by some great d3 rosters, and they almost brought home the gold. Congratulations to Persevering Pride on being the 2nd USA team to win a silver medal in BBM!

Tier 9
Slabs made the top 8! You may not know it, but Slabs had one of the most legendary seasons of any USA team this year. This BBM was awesome, but not even their best accomplishment. More to come on Slabs laters.

Tier 10
Blacksheep(Janopol) made top 16! CA Foreigners did one better and made the top 8 losing by only 2 points and barely missing the semifinals.

Tier 11
Resurrected Fury made a run to the top 8 on the backs of some strong young talent. Mortars made the top 16 losing to the same team that beat Resurrected Fury.

Tier 12-14 we had some good teams make the knockout stages, but nobody in the top 16.

Keep up the good work in BBM. I think the USA has gotten more competitive each season in BBM. We now just need somebody to take home the first gold BBM trophy and become a USA legend!

Atelier made another solid showing for the USA, advancing to the knockout stage as a 3 seed. Unfortunately, they were upset in the round of 64.

National Tournament
The National Tournament. The only tournament where any USA team can play any USA team. You may question if any USA team can beat any USA team, but this tournament showed that was possible.

The first 2 rounds of the tournament went by quietly with bots getting defeated by the real USA users (with the exception of one unnamed NBBA team). However, round 3 would go down in history. In what looked like it would be a routine win for 3-time defending cup champion and million-dollar payroll Atelier, the game became anything but. Slabs, while in division 4, came to play. The game went back and forth all throughout and came down to the wire. Slabs grabbed the lead and held off last second comeback attempts by Atelier’s players to win 100-99. The secret to their victory? Free Throws. They shot 29-29 from the FT line in a one-point victory and the biggest upset in the history of the USA tournament. Congratulations to Slabs.

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Date: 07/26/2022 00:13:06
Wasted Potential
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The rest of the tournament saw a lot of early draws between NBBA teams. Telecasters knocked out Triple Double and then was knocked out by Wasted Potential (myself) who proceeded to knockout F.Day Internet Lovers Club and Splash Gang before the top 8. Only two NBBA teams survived into the top 8 but ended up meeting in the finals after D2 standouts ETBU Tigers and Deportivo Saprissa were dealt with in the semis. The LA Lions met Wasted Potential in the Final in what would be one of 3 matches the teams would play over the next 5 days. Wasted Potential elite outside shooting and NT guards Calvin Webb and Philip Mrosla carried the day in the Run and Gun offense where they combined for 62 points on 8-14 shooting from downtown. The LA Lions own Zach Ernst put up 24 points and 12 rebounds in his final game for the team. Wasted Potential won 106-91 and became cup champions for the first time!

Without the cup to worry about, the NBBA was dominated by Atelier. 21-1 record with the MVP Greg Lackey leading the way, Atelier entered the playoffs with homecourt and as the team to beat. However, some new talent was emerging in addition to many NBBA teams upgrading their rosters. Telecasters (lead by NT guard Ty Maxwell) came in as the second seed in the Big 8 and newcomer to the NBBA Splash Gang came in 3rd lead by NT big man Luis Turland. Delaware 87ers who spent the least amount of money on their players of any NBBA team (due to their elite training) grabbed the 4th seed on the last night of the season.

In the Great 8 things were more balanced with Triple-Double coming into the 1st seed led by NT forward Tanner Knott. However, manager Sixth decided to retool just before the playoffs leading to the team coming in not at full strength. Wasted Potential beat The LA Lions on the last game of the season to secure the 2 seed despite a bad PD. The LA Lions came in 3rd and F.Day Internet Lovers Club stole the 4 seed at the last game with a 120-point victory. Longtime NBBA team (and I mean they have been in the NBBA a lot) Arizona Cacti ended up in the 5th seed.
In the playoffs The LA Lions pulled off the upset over Wasted Potential, taking advantage of the injury of Philip Mrosla. Alex Corbett (a NT small forward) tried to carry the team to victory, but it wasn’t enough against The LA Lions balanced roster. F.Day Internet Lovers Club knocked off Triple Double but then fell to The LA Lions in the semi-finals. In the Big 8 Atelier made quick work of the competition, beating out Delaware 87ers and then Splash Gang who had defeated Telecasters. The Finals went to 3 games, but in the end, Ateliers monster of a roster (1.4-million-dollar payroll on the last week) was too much. NT bigs Greg Lackey and Christopher Stepp dominated supported by the deepest roster the NBBA has seen in many seasons. If only Slabs had been there to stop them. Congratulations to Apex on the 3rd straight NBBA title and a great dynasty!

That is about it. All I have to say now is if you aren’t already on the USA discord then come join us Here you can show off your trainees, ask for advice, and trash talk the competition. You can also get involved with the U21 and National Team where we always need more help.

If you hadn’t noticed, the NBBA was dominated by the NT level players. This has been the case for many seasons, and you have to go back years before you find a team that didn’t have a NT player and won the NBBA. Our top NT players are coming to the end of their careers and will need a new generation to take their place and be even better. If you are interested in helping out or training the next USA legend then message khenry to see how you can help (you can also message me if you want!).

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Date: 07/27/2022 13:23:15
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Great writeup. Thanks Mediocrity!