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USA Community S56 Recap!

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Date: 04/19/2022 11:36:12
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Hey everyone!

I thought I would write up a summary of what happened in buzzerbeater basketball in the USA this season. I hope this will be both exciting for users to read about this season as well as promote more activity in the community. Before I begin, I want to invite USA users (and anyone else who wants to) to join the BB discord at The discord is a great place to get advice from other users, learn about the national teams, and talk trash when your team is winning.

Anyway, here is a summary of what happened in USA BB basketball this season:

U21 National Team
Season 56 saw the debut of Antwon as team manager. Antwon is a long time buzzerbeater player and was most recently the runner-up in the cup in season 55. He wasted no time in preparing the team to crush the competition at the America’s U21 championship tournament. In the initial group stage, the squad went 6-0 with an average margin of victory of nearly 60 points. Dominant big men such as Joseph Hobbs, Vincent Polk, and Bud Cates lead the way in a primarily inside attacking team.

The second of the round robin groups went similarly to the first. While the competition was higher, the team stayed undefeated with 5 more victories and an average margin of victory of 44 points. This squad seemed unstoppable with guards Lonnie Miller and Eldridge Webster adding a scoring punch to the dominate inside game.

Having dominated group play the team advanced to the semifinals to face off against Canada U21. Canada tried their best, but no amount of maple syrup or tactics trickery could stop Antwon and the USA U21. The team pulled out the victory 92 – 69 led by a dominant performance from Joseph Hobbs (17 pts, 5 ast, 13 reb, 5 blk). This secured a spot in the World’s championships for this next season.

Finally, the championship. Argentina. The other dominant America’s force. Set to be a match between two giants, this game went through some crazy twists. Antwon went into more detail in his U21 thread, but an hour before the game, teams game shape reset. Days of planning went out the window as new players were now viable for the lineup and the United States advantage disappeared. The team seemed in trouble. America needed a hero.

That hero was Joseph Hobbs. He dominated the paint with 17 points and 21 boards and hit a 3 in the 4th quarter to break Argentina’s spirit. USA won 67 – 52 in one of the ugliest BB games ever!

Congratulations to Antwon on leading us to Gold and an undefeated season! Next season is the World Championships where the United States will look to beat the other best nations in the world.

National Team
For the USA NT this season saw competition against the other best national teams in the world. Having secured the Gold in the America’s in season 55, manager Dubness sought to lead the team to success at Worlds. However, the team would face some heavy obstacles. Placed in what could be labeled a “group of death” the United States was immediately matched up against China, one of the most dominant National Teams in buzzerbeater history. China poured it on by normaling in game 1 and the squad was outmatched falling 128 – 101.

After game 1 things stayed difficult. A heartbreaking loss to Poland (107 – 113), a defeat at the hands of Germany the eventual runner-up (84 - 99), and finally a last second loss to Serbia (120 – 122) resulted in the United States failing to move onto the next round for the second straight season. Season 56 was also full of injuries for the National Team with stars such as Ty Maxwell, Calvin Webb, and Tyree Graham missing games due to injury.

While the team faced a down year, there was some room to celebrate. Philip Mrosla passed up National Team greats such as Alton Johnson, Shawn Bowens, and Otto Reedy to become the number one all-time scorer for the USA national team. Thanks to tough for training that monster!

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Date: 04/19/2022 11:37:11
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Want to help the USA National Team make its way back to greatness? Train the next national hero! With the right plan and help from others in the community you can be the one to train a national team player. Reach out to the national team manager, me, or to the USA community on discord if you want to know how you can build the player needed to put the USA on top.

BBM and B3 Competition
Now for our club teams! With the implementation of buzzerbeater madness, every team has the chance to make the USA community proud on the National Stage. Here are a few of the standouts from BBM:

Tier 2
In tier 2 of BBM we had two USA standouts. Wavy Gates and southpaw army (both Division II) made it out of the competitive group stage and on to the knockout rounds. Wavy Gates was knocked out in the round of 64, but southpaw army strung together a couple of victories before losing in the round of 16. Congratulations to southpaw army for making it the furthest in BBM of any USA Division I or II team ever!

Tier 6
ATL The Hawks made it to the round of 16! 3 other USA teams also made the knockout stages in this tier.

Tier 7
ElectricTriangles made top 16! 5 other teams also advanced to the knockout stage in this tier.

Tier 10
Knights of Autumn went into the knockout stages as a 9 seed where their underdog story began. After pulling an upset on 1 seed Rim Climbers, they strung together 3 more victories with some sound tactics and GDP, becoming the first USA team to reach the finals of a BBM tournament (I think). However, they came up just short in the finals losing to a team from Spain. Congratulations to Knights Autumn on the amazing run and thanks for representing the USA internationally!

Tier 12
2 percent made a run to the top 16!

Tier 13
The Beer Bellys made an awesome run to the quarterfinals before being knocked out.

Tier 14
R3AP3RS made top 16! FatCurry representing the USA in the bottom tiers!

Tier 15
Porch Pirates made top 16! Jan Dunkers made top 16! Great work in the bottom tier of BBM by USA teams.

In B3 competition our main representation was Atelier with Flash Mashers in tank mode. Apex (manager of Atelier) managed to move on from the group stage of the B3 before being knocked out by Kekluhoitaa in the first round of the knockout stage.

National Tournament
In terms of USA vs USA competition, nothing is more exciting than the national tournament. This year the cup saw a few upsets as well as another dominant run from Apex (manager of Atelier).

The top performance from a division IV team came from Lake Demons who made it all the way to the top 16. Similarly, the top performance from a division III team was West Side Tigers who also lost in the top 16. My team (NBBA) was also shockingly upset by Shrugging Shlubs of IV.45. Well done on the upset!

After many top teams met early in the tournament, the competition was eventually reduced down to 4 teams. Mill City Thunder from division II made a great run but proved to be no match for the defending champion Atelier. In the other semifinal matchup F.Day Internet Lovers Club was able to deny Jim Almeidas Janitor Crew (Antwon) from returning to the championship match.

In the championship it was defending champions and powerhouse Atelier against a first timer F.Day Internet Lovers Club. On gameday F.Day went for it with a double GDP guess and a 2-3 zone, hoping to deny Ateliers powerful inside game and 2 national team big men. However, Atelier was one step ahead and switched to running a Motion offense which was able to light up the opposing defense from 3 (42.3%). Greg Maynard led the way with 28 points, 4 assists, and 5 rebounds as Atelier brought home their 3rd straight Cup trophy winning 93 to 75!

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Date: 04/19/2022 11:37:34
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The top league in the USA was full of both first time NBBA teams, current powerhouses, and long-time NBBA competitors. The regular season resulted in both the cup finals teams in 1st place in their respective conferences. The MVP of the league was the National Teams very own Philip Mrosla who transferred from Flash Mashers to Wasted Potential (my team) near the end of the season.

In the playoffs Atelier was able to get past a tough conference, beating Telecasters in round one and Delta 9 in the semifinals. In the Great 8 I did my best to shake things up, pulling off the road victories against Triple Double and F.Day Internet Lovers Club with 50 point games by Philip Mrosla in both victories. Long-time national team running mate Calvin Webb added in 60 total points in the two games.

However, the finals were a different story. Atelier ran a powerful 3-2 zone which shut down any offensive attack I tried to run. With Mrosla running on a minute restriction for better GS in game 1, Atelier was able to pull off the 99-68 victory. In game 2 Atelier came prepared for the outside attack, backing up a powerful 3-2 zone with GDP for a Motion offense. This preparation proved to be too much to overcome as Mrosla was held to a meager 32 points on 13/28 shooting. Calvin Webb went missing going 3/14 from the field and getting injured in the 4th quarter. Atelier ended up running away with it winning 107 – 86 behind a monster game from national team player Christopher Stepp (20 points on 7/7 from the field and 6/6 from the line). Congratulations to Atelier on another NBBA championship!

Season 57 is sure to see some fierce competition at the top level as Wavy Gates, Splash Gang, The LA Lions, Mill City Thunder, and southpaw army all join the ranks of the NBBA after promoting from division II. When will you join them and the rest of the NBBA in the battle for the championship? We’re waiting!

Wow that was longer than I expected when I started this. I hope you enjoyed the write up. If you made it to the end, you must really enjoy buzzerbeater so make sure to join the discord at Join the discussion around the game and help to bring home some more gold medals for us internationally whether through BBM or national team play.