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From: Antwon
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Date: 01/16/2022 20:05:25
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Hey all, I want this job more than anyone. I am more passionate about it than you could possibly imagine. I am fully confident I can win for us. After just recently graduating from college, I have all the time in the world to dedicate to this program.

I have trained countless players for u21, some of the best we have ever seen. I have shown the ability to make tough, critical decisions regarding tactics and lineups to win games. I have been actively guiding managers with their trainees for many seasons, directing them down a path to create the best player possible for their team and u21.

As coach, I plan to not only do all of this, but much more.

I want to create a scouting pipeline with anyone who would like to be involved to help me keep track of all of the players we have being trained. I want to create a foundation for not only my term, but the terms for all of the coaches after me. This foundation is just as important to me as my own term, as it will set us up for plenty of success going forward. I encourage you to inform me if you would like to be any part of the process.

I am more active than anyone in this election. This program has my full dedication. With all of that being said, the goal is a gold medal, and nothing short of that. I want it. You want it. Vote for me so we can achieve that goal.