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From: Antwon
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Date: 01/11/2022 12:20:15
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Hello USA community! I am Antwon and I am running to be your next u21 head coach. I am determined and confident I can get us back to gold. Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

Club Success: I have been in the NBBA for 5 seasons, and have made it to the finals once in my first season up here. I made a cup push this past season, making it all the way to the final where I ended up losing to NBBA Champion, Atelier. In this run, I was a major underdog in my semi final matchup against Flash Mashers, where I had to conduct extensive gameplanning, use double GDP, and go POCT. I connected on everything, and came away with the upset. I am someone who can recognize the state of our team vs. our opponents, and make the proper game day calls accordingly.

U21 Involvement: I have trained a large number of players for our u21 team, and mentored many others. My most notable trainees were Stewart Tripp and Kristopher Stanley.
Stewart Tripp was a 2 year starter, and was the starting PG in S29 which is the last time USA has won a gold medal. He is #4 in points scored and #1 in assists by a wide margin on the all time leaderboard.
Kristopher Stanley was more recent, being the starting C on our S51 team that made the world semi-final but fell just short. He also went on to make the Senior National Team this season, which is very rare for a big man to do. Stanley is #7 in points scored and #6 in rebounds on the all time leaderboards.

Outside of training players, I have been heavily involved in the gameplanning for the team. We haven't won gold in a long time, but recently we have been very close (Semis in S51, finals in S53) and with a few small changes in tactics/lineups we likely get a gold medal in one of those 2 seasons. Both of those losses came from Italy, I learned a lot from those games and will make sure we get our revenge with our own gold medal.

I encourage everyone to come on over to our discord server ( so you can be part of this process as well. If you have any questions for me, I would be happy to answer them over on the debate thread. Let's get back to gold!!

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Date: 01/11/2022 13:50:22
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Hello everyone who knows me, and those who don’t. I am Oriolekid, and I am running for U21 coach. This may seem like déjà-vu since I have ran for a record number of u21 elections, and have come in 2nd a record (I think I’m up to 8 2nd place finishes).

This is my Time

Why is this my time? I am the single most dedicated user to our u21 NT that has ever existed. People can try to lie or argue, but look back at the early NT elections. I am the constant. In Season 13 I first ran. Season 13. That was over 10 years ago. I wasn’t ready then, much like I wasn’t ready many times afterwards. But I endured. It does not get anymore American than that. Endurance and Persistence; I refuse to quit. And I learned so much. I am constantly still learning and asking questions because this game will pass you by if you don’t adapt with it. I am so damn proud of myself for my dedication to this team. I love it so much. And I will not fail this team. I will not fail the managers, or the fans that make this game and our community so amazing.

I have endured and all I ask all of you for is a chance. I do not deserve anything more than a chance.

I used to get angry typing this section. I thought it didn’t matter since I always had so much, but time is an unforgiving force that has diluted even my finest achievements, but if I don’t advocate for myself than no one will. So, here’s 40 seasons worth of stuff

1) I was the first one to create a weekly training diary on the old USA offsite. It was just gameplanning and scouting and not at all fun for the average user. So I created the LionPride Team Training Thread, and Wozz liked the initiative and idea, followed suit, and now we have hundreds of diaries on the offsite (now defunct) and an entire discord community where we share our players and get advice for plans. That was all me, and it’s what I’m most proud of in my time in this game.

2) I have been u21 and NT scouts for like 10 different coaches. Opposition scouting, which I feel is my strength, advanced scouting future opponents (whether this season or next), player scouting, data entry into the old database and I used to be a mentor to a bunch of new users. Most recent with the full NT as they celebrated a gold medal yesterday against Chile.

3) I have trained some u21 and full NT players. Otto Reedy is one of the greatest players in NT history. Matt Whitman was also a u21 player. I am probably missing some. Check my HOF.

Ask me all the questions you want. I want this election more than any prior. I can get us a gold and if you want to find out how, go to the debate thread and ask! Also, join the discord and then PM so I can approve you. That community is awesome and will make you a better manager.