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Date: 10/06/2021 00:10:02
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Upsyndrome II
Thanks for the scouting report. I feel very acquainted. Now if only someone would do a scouting report on you so I'm 100% up to date. Looks like your franchise was created in season 42? You weren't even around during my first 3peat. Yet you know your NBBA history. Impressive. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

if you're good and lucky, you'll be in the NBBA when A-Dub returns. (this is like talking about Barry Bonds: the achievements are so overwhelming. i like that A-Dub has engaged in more than $300 million in transactions.)

Funny you should mention Barry Bonds: I'm an SF Giants fan and that's my favorite player of all time. I grew up watching him as a kid. Every time he stepped to the plate I expected a HR.

Blue Ocean: hmm, a rapid riser: began in S46, and here today. sticking with the Barry Bonds theme, the squad could use some pumping up.

"You will lose." -Ivan Drago
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Date: 10/06/2021 09:01:13
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It was fun to read and well written....

From: stiver
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Date: 10/06/2021 09:37:54
Blue Ocean
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Steroids? (y)

I'll get right to it.

Thanks for the intro and welcome. Hopefully I won't be going right back down to D.III, but, nevertheless, looking forward to our matchups.

Mr. Natural, not sure if you remember, but you randomly BB-Mailed me a couple of seasons back cause we were next to each other in the US rankings.

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Date: 10/07/2021 01:36:02
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The Five Dollar Club
Enjoyed the read. Thanks for the write up!

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Date: 10/07/2021 21:29:04
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Thank you for the presentation and welcome!

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Date: 10/07/2021 23:14:41
Wasted Potential
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Hazards to Society
Welcome to II.4! I'm interested to see this season play out. Last season 2 teams dominated and the arguably third best team was focused on the cup. It was a bit lopsided as far as the conferences go but it seems like they may even out a little bit more this season.

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Date: 10/09/2021 22:27:58
The LA Lions
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The LA Lions Conceived and brought forth in S30...

The first five NBA games I ever watched were the Cavaliers vs. Bulls in the 1988 playoffs. I watched Jordan drop 50,55,38, 44, and 39. Then I read in the newspaper that he had averaged 37.1 ppg in the regular season, and wondered if he had an "off" year. It really warped my ideal of professional basketball. I'm basically trying to recreate the 1989 Cavs that got knocked out a year later with The Shot in perpetuity; always on the cusp of taking it to the next level but never quite making it.

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