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From: Hunterz
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Date: 03/05/2013 13:35:05
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Hello IV.50,

This thread is to try to convince you to join the offsite forum (link below) and build our US buzzerbeater community. If you have never heard of the offsite forum, it is a great community with a lot of helpful tools to help you improve your team. Want to know the odds of winning your next game? Try out the Matchup Predictor tool. Want to know the optimal ticket prices for your arena? Attendance Helper Tool. We also have a training planner, advanced stats on every team, and addons for your browser.

The offsite forum currently has a few hundred members, and in the forum you can post a team diary, get the word out on a player you are selling in the transfer ads section, discuss tactics, or just talk about random stuff in the chatter box section. Need advice? There are plenty members of all levels of experience who can help you out, or you can jump in our 24/7 chatroom and ask someone there.

Finally if you have ever wanted a second team, well you already have a second and a third team, the US NT and the U21. If you are interested please come give your opinion on tactics, personnel, scouting etc for the US National and Under 21 teams, or you can join our staff. The U21 team has broken through and won Worlds Gold twice, but the NT has yet to reach the ultimate goal and we could use all of the help we can get!

Here is the link to register for the offsite forum:
BBmail Sleet (28628), jfarb (28800), or Coco (23075) after you register so we can approve your account! The offsite is free btw if anyone was wondering. To use the tools, you will need to create an access key onsite in the preferences menu, you will use that access key as your password for the database.