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Date: 07/11/2012 11:32:43
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20 years old

Outside Players:

1) Chrisostomos Varsamis (23732590) - (117647): he's already on our national team and he's our best guard. He plays here in Cyprus and he can reach CBBA next season. He need more OD, PA and JS

2) Yiannis Seftalias (23170028) - (85562): he's our 6th man of the season, he's good and he plays in France, but his potential will limit him. Next season he can be in, but he won't depend only by his growth

3) Stelios Vozoras (24412434) - (197085): this "young kangaroo" could be our next point guard. Very well skilled, he needs PA, OD and then JS

4) Yiannis Mitsimponas (23170001) - (117384): he could be the star of next team, he's got potential, he's manager, my friend JohnnyB is a really experienced manager and if he only connect a little bit more :-p he can create the future for Cyprus NT. I hope he will more frequently! He needs JS and OD

5) Yiorgos Spetzopoulos (23170155) - (69182): as usual chinese people don't speak too much and doesn't answer to scout or NT coach that are foreigner. He's not so much different! He told me that he'll take 14 in OD and then.. nothing happens! I'll wait to recruit him within some weeks.

Small Forwards:

1) Theodoros Michalitsis (23170072) - (48469): our all star, all around player and he plays in Italy! Already part of our U21 team, he will be as well starter in this position. I hope on some perimetrical training for this end season and next one

2) Yiannis Diakoyiannis (24412461) - (28724): he can't shoot, but he can defend. He will be like a kind or Ron Art.. sorry.. Metta World Peace! He's a legend, he's well skilled I hope that he will take some more pop-ups

Big Men:

1) Michalis Tsirigotakis (23170004) - (57195): he's an all star, he's sometimes in bad shape, he's not trained... but he's still our best big man. Sad to say, but it works like that

2) Themis Poulikakos (23170190) - (117441): hope! A big man legend! He can raise his skills and overcome Tsirigotakis within end season. I hope that, because we need a "bigger blank" in the paint

3) Yiannis Pagkopoulos (23170215) - (40630): he plays in Korea, his owner told me that he will be trained on Is and Id.. sometimes he didn't play, not trained.. bad shape.. we hope in this ending season to understand his aim, because we can't allow active parasites in our next NT

4) Sevastianos Lavas (24412413) - (117441): he come back in Cyprus! He needs a lot of Is, I hope he will take, because we have 4 big men and.. no more! Only 4! This season I put on our DB some more big men between 19 and 18 y.o. players, because we tried with 5 guards this season... but it can't work! Is, Is, Is! Please!

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Date: 07/11/2012 12:06:15
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19 years old

Outside Players:

1) Ermis Kourkoulas (25457587) - (77586): he's a growing star for Cyprus! He's only 19 y.o. but he could already play for our NT. He's a SG, but he could play as PG and SF too, if needed. He plays in Spain and I hope that he will grow always better for our national team

2) Ntinos Kirimlis (24412382) - (117570): he's a local player playing for Paphos Heat (by Paphitis79). He's nice, he could be better, but.. he's a very complete and interesting player. He now should chose between PG and SG position (I hope he will be a PG, because we need one).

3) Kostas Siontis (24412469) - (117647): he helps the team and learn from Varsamis something about "being an NT player". He needs to improve like everything but he starts from a nice base.

4) Argirakis Marantos (25457727) - (36744): from my own country he's a complete player, he needs a lot of things, but he's well balanced. His manager is really experienced and I hope he will create a good SG as he can do

5) Yiorgos Avakas (25457692) - (117388): he was a pitiful defender, but... he's no more! Good work until now with a superstar player that was originally difficult to train. He was drafted this season so he immediately gain a spot between our best prospect. Good trainer!

Small Forwards:

1) Kostas Katsis (25457714) - (117445): Paphos is an expert trainer and he know he's got between his hand a good prospect. He can be an outside SF, so he will be massively as SG for this period.

2) Grigoris Chaidas (24412366) - (54868): he plays in Philipines where he's trained as big man. Nice secondaries and good height, so I hope he will get some outside training in the next seasons to be a complete SF like Liontos this season.

Big Men:

1) Anestis Kotsanakis (24412427) - (117471): this MVP is not bad at all, even if not updated since a month. Nice power forward, well skilled everywhere. I hope he can be the star of our team in a couple of seasons. Train Is, Id and Rb as a prayer that you said!

2) Nikolaos Papadimitriou (25457642) - (36603): he's mine! He's not good right now, but he will be. I train big men since 4 seasons, but I've so much experience that I think I can grant a good player above the rim!

We don't have any more big men right now... this is the problem. I will free: (25772536) (request to sell), (26202912) (free next week), (25457611) (he was good even if star, but bad manhandled), (26216989) (free next week), (26188765) (free next week), (26014950) (free next week) and Stavros Soulios is trained as PG (206cm tall..) by the user that wanna be U21 manager, that now won't cooperate with me.. and I don't understand why.. we should help each other to great a bigger and great community as we.. as YOU, Cyprus, can be!

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Date: 08/11/2012 06:13:32
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21 years old -> Senior Team

Stelios Liontos -> good SF, limited potential, don't think can reach 1st team
Yiannis Mallias -> he needs to work very hard, but potential and low RB can grant a future
Kostas Mpoumplis -> good potential, but poor improvements, no chances
Damianos Tsachalis -> he needs to work hard on all primaries, poor IS as secondary
Miron Dritsas -> SF or PF.. quite complete, but quite useless too..
Lakis Tsimentolithidis -> like Dritsas, but worse
Yiannis Aggouridis -> poor improvement, but good RB.. trained hard could have chances like Tsachalis
Vassilis Montanaris -> good potential, nice OD, but it's the only skill..
Traianos Granitsas -> good potential, interesting future, nice secondaries, he need so much primaries

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Date: 08/11/2012 07:38:35
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20 years old -> 21 years old

Yiannis Diakoyiannis -> he needs JS and/or PA
Yiannis Pagkopoulos -> thinking about recruiting again.. a few skill-ups and no good G.S. He needs IS and ID
Adamantios Kampitakis -> he will be erased
Yiannis Chalvatzis -> behind best players, needs primaries
Polykarpos Kalatzis -> like Chalvatzis, needs primaries
Theodoros Michalitsis -> good SF needs to improve on outside skills
Michalis Tsirigotakis -> I'd like he will be trained on IS and RB, will it be possibile?! I.d.k.
Yiorgos Spetzopoulos -> he will start, but I hope that his JS/JR will rise during this season. Great OD
Yiannis Seftalias -> poor potential but great skills, someone could overcome him next season
Yiannis Mitsimponas -> better game shape, but he's in the same situation of Chalvatzis and Kalatzis
Themis Poulikakos -> our best big man. He overcome Tsirigotakis, now it's up to him
Sevastianos Lavas -> another growing big man. Not ready, I hope he will with so much IS
Chrisostomos Varsamis -> our best guard, more JS, PA and OD
Stelios Vozoras -> great season (13 ups). 1 more on PA and OD during the season, but he lacks on shooting

If Game Shape will be good, these players will start next season:

Chrisostomos Varsamis (23732590)
Michalis Tsirigotakis (23170004)
Sevastianos Lavas (24412413)
Stelios Vozoras (24412434)
Themis Poulikakos (23170190)
Theodoros Michalitsis (23170072)
Yiannis Seftalias (23170028)
Yiorgos Spetzopoulos (23170155)

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Date: 08/14/2012 05:59:48
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19 years old -> 20 years old

Ermis Kourkoulas -> 12 skill-ups! He needs OD
Kostas Siontis -> friend of Varsamis.. good trainer have good trainees
Ntinos Kirimlis -> we don't lost him, I hope he will get trained
Argirakis Marantos -> he needs primaries, but he's working good
Alexandros Aristodimos -> he still can have some chances, but he needs to be hard trained this season! OD and JS
Nikolaos Papadimitriou -> he's mine, he needs to improve, I hope he will be good for 21 y.o.
Argiris Delphiniotis -> train OD and JS, good potential, but far from he could be
Yiorgos Avakas -> he started bad, nice skill ups during the season. I hope he will continue like that
Kostas Katsis -> he's going to be a SF? I hope that
Dionisis Tsafas -> almost lost..
Kostas Ftouxeleftherias -> very balanced on primaries, he need to take a direction on OD and PA
Stavros Soulios -> nice prototype of SF, I hope he will be trained for another season like a big man
Nasos Mpouloukos -> brilliant star that has been free late, but he's trained in Spain
Grigoris Chaidas -> I hope that the new italian owner will take care of him, he had a chance. Philipinnes' owner lost it. Create a SF focusing on outside training.
Charalampos Groudas -> will be erased
Yiorgos Varelopoulos -> 1 month without skill-ups. I'm thinking about delete him
Chrisostomos Danos -> quite nice OD but he needs to play less (48' a week, not per game, will be good!). He needs JS and what else to be a SG
Yiannis Potiroulis -> three pops.. thinking about delete him
Emmanouil Papandreou -> will be erased
Alkis Siopoudis -> will be erased
Aiantas Aivatzis -> will be erased
Anestis Kotsanakis -> only 5 pops, but he started from a great base! He need to be trained as a big man IS, ID and RB, so c'mon!
Aris Amarantos -> after being ruined for 12 weeks he gets his first pop on Aug 10th.. he was good as 19 y.o. he's not anymore, but rivalry is poor
Yiorgos Gerasimakos -> train Inside skills (IS, ID and RB) if not it's useless
Liakos Terzopoulos -> he needs to be trained on Inside Skills, he's 3 weeks he doesn't get skill-ups
Vassilis Kanonidis -> will be erased
Yiorgos Tsakiridis -> same thing of Kotsanakis! He need to be trained, because he started from a great base! Outside skills for him!
Stelios Sarlis -> inside skills or delete
Thomas Moustakalis -> he needs to be trained, so if he will not he will be deleted, only 2 (useless) pops this season
Chrisostomos Lampridis -> will be erased

If Game Shape will be good, these players will start next season:

Ermis Kourkoulas (25457587)
Anestis Kotsanakis (24412427)

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Date: 08/14/2012 08:46:03
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Where is Galazoulas?? :)

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221750.7 in reply to 221750.6
Date: 08/14/2012 10:48:52
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He's 18.. I had headache for some hours, now I copy down

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Date: 08/15/2012 06:49:20
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18 years old -> 19 years old

Aris Voitsidis -> 12 skill ups for our future PG. He needs many things (like OD and JS), but he started really well in USA
Rodis Pallis -> he's trying to recover the time lost, but he's trying well. Keep going with PA and OD
Rahim Susus -> he was out late in the market so he takes only 2 pops, but important skill-ups, we try with this star
Stavros Kretinos -> some IS training session, then he should be trained as guard for 2 seasons
Filimonas Tsiartas -> he could be Cyprus future, I hope he will be trained hard by his italian coach!
Vissarionas Tiganidis -> he came off later, but his growth is very fast. Potential is his limit
Andrikos Davourlis -> 1 month without skill-ups, he needs training
Thodoras Tsouknidas -> 13 skill-ups, he's very balanced right now, I hope he takes some direction (SG?)
Stavros Mpatzios -> great potential, some interesting skill-ups in China, he could be a combo guard
Kosmas Kazanidis -> he started good in USA then stop for 2 months, now he's going to be trained as well as big man, we hope that's not time lost
Thanos Gkizelidis -> he will be erased
Charilaos Liapis -> he was out at start season, he takes some pops, but he could be good. He had so many 1on1 improvements
Richardos Galazoulas -> 11 skill-ups, good potential, he's behind best players, but he can overcome during next season
Moisis Vonortas -> best overall skills of incoming 19 years old. He could be our best PF (remember Kaliasis?)
Yiorgos Sakelaropoulos -> star potential, but friend Gast0ne as trainer, so it's an insurance
Irineos Vitalis -> he wins MIPOTY with 14 skill ups, he can be a great combo and potential can ensure an NT spot too
Dakis Chatzinikolaou -> not erased because of potential, but start training something different from STAMINA!!!
Kostakis Gatzidis -> why he's not trained?! He could be our top player at the start of the season! Only one useless skill-up on Driving.. we can't lose this kind of players
Lampis Katsakos -> step by step, another big man
Yiannis Yiannatos -> he's coming off a good guard. He needs some pass, than only JS/OD/JR
Nikos Moshovitis -> he was good, is he still trained? I hope so
Dimitris Marinakis -> focused on his lack (OD) I hope he will get some different pops this season

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221750.9 in reply to 221750.8
Date: 08/16/2012 09:04:39
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What is MIPOTY? I hope Vitalis continues growing and makes it to NT.

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221750.10 in reply to 221750.9
Date: 08/16/2012 09:18:56
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MIPOTY=Most improved player of the year

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221750.11 in reply to 221750.9
Date: 08/16/2012 09:22:13
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What is MIPOTY? I hope Vitalis continues growing and makes it to NT.

Like Johnny said eh eh eh

you did a nice work.. some 18 years old, like Vitalis is growing so well, like world top team! Hard to be, but why don't try?! eh eh eh