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Season 16! No Surprises, Promising Competition

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Date: 04/23/2011 16:35:10
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Season 16 is officially ON! With the first leg games being all played today, the Season promises to be the best and most competitive amongst all previous ones!
Not much of surprises happened during the first leg, expected teams won, other's had an exciting game and the rest, simply suffered their first loss in this tough scheduled league!
The League witnessed a real competitive game when KOM faced Until Spring in their first game for the season, KOM suffered big time before having the game go to his side 114-110, US was very close for giving KOM his first ever loss in the league since more than 2 seasons!
On the other side, 2 Teams had a crushing results over their oponents:
Bekaa Tigers 103 - 58 Hoops Beirut
spiderkarmo 63 - 110 Sagesse Achrafieh

The League is still in it's very first days and the calculations will be changing throughout the games! Are we up for a new surprise & a new champion? Only the days will witness!

From: KOM92

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Date: 04/24/2011 08:14:44
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i'm not dead yet. If we except playoffs i did not loose since 6 seasons and 9 games... so 141 championship games and i never loose in cup :) since seasons 8.

So don't worry i will be less powerfull this season, but i'm not dead.

I will recruit soon two rookies and a new center.