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The Title is up to a Tie Breaker

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Date: 04/16/2011 17:08:40
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Even though he had players less than average playing this game! yet winning over KOM had a special taste - Jadzzz Manager

Today, the league took another turn & the fans will have to wait till tomorrow for the declaration of Season 15's champion! Many have expected KOM to end tonight's game with a flawless victory, yet apparently he decided to go on a different technique by giving those who rarely had the chance to play a chance to test their skills today!
With almost all of his official 10 players squad being out of selection & with names such as Kizeridis, Micelis & Al Anwar, KOM still gave Jadzzz some hard time in the first quarter but Jadzzz with his full of stars squad took control from the 2nd quarter and ended the game with an absolute (114-82).
We are pretty much sure that tomorrow's game will witness a full squad for both teams, the odds are turning towards KOM & betting agents have even declared it a 14-1 in favor of KOM! How more optimist can this get?
So tune on your Channels tomorrow or head directly to the Playa Del Locco Arena where both Titans will have a final word!

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From: KOM92

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Date: 04/17/2011 09:38:13
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the new economic system introduced this season salaries and removes the weeks where we do not play in official matches between Monday and next Monday I can always make the final 3 innings. The economic gain is 400K for this game.

next season I will like to buy two small Lebanese youth to provide our national team rather than others. Let me know if you are a seller.

So let's win today. It could be my last one.

From: Jadoo

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Date: 04/17/2011 10:24:28
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This has been the case for the past 3 seasons .. KOM plays his starters in game 1 and 3 and reserves in game 2.. It benefits both of us as we get an additional income from the game .. This season is going for KOM.. Next season a different story .. will the KOM remain King of Monoi or turn into Prince of Monoi? We'll see :p
I like the development in this league this season as many teams are aspiring: KOM, Jadzz, Leb Storm are definitely the favorites for the title next season .. Tropical, Until Spring have a chance depending on how much money they have .. Up and coming Saggesse Ashrafiyi, Bekaa, Reemz, Lebanons will have a say in the playoffs.. I hope more teams join "actively"!!
We must choose our U21 coach, preferably one of the mentioned managers please come forward and nominate yourself for this position. Let us know who is interested and best of luck for all.
I hope u all develope young Lebanese players for the NT rather than foreigners .. Also if a young prospect with high potential that u do not intend to train, kindly sell him and let some one else train him like KOM suggested.
Thank all :)