I Love Tehran (146725)
Manager: Sahand
Country: Iran
League: Bartar
Rival: Red Devilsss
World Rank: 1
Country Rank: 1
We are the champions!!
Posted on 07/02/2014

We are the champions!!
Finally in the season 27 the dream come true and I Love Tehran side wins the Buzzer Beater's Best after a tough match against the season 25 champions Mloty Stargard.
When I started this game back to season 12 my goal was to become the first one among newcomers to win the B3 and I achieved that goal by becoming the first team ever in Buzzerbeater to win the cup with a team created after season 10.
How much money I lost to win the trophy?
Just around 5 million because of the negative income and player salaries.

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