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Saturday, 29 February 2020
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By VBG in Season 30 Championship:
You are right. The best payed players face to face. My team with a 16 straight wins against your team with a third game in your arena and a big, big, big ga
By JeremyBawller in Season 30 Championship:
Championship Game: 3 seeded BOB City vs 2 seeded Pleasant-Team Both teams rely on great shooting from their star shooting guards. Who is gonna win?
By VBG in Season 30 Playoffs:
I'm not sure about me. Lakeland have a very good roster. The game shapes will be very important. I hope nobody suffer injury today
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Winston Hightower
72 Points
Lefter Endam
36 Rebounds
Asuri Etxenagusia
22 Assists
Vinnie Richter
12 Blocks