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Saturday, 06 June 2020
Club A Hu.. 99.99
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By LaRon Jackson in Whos going win this year?:
I'm not gonna win haha. Honestly this is just a training team for me right now. Got 3 PG trainees that I'm constantly trying to train. Speaking of which, one
By Sporlan in Whos going win this year?:
we need to get some smack talking in this league! haha, good luck everyone!
By Silvio Zinatto in Season 28:
For my counts, two or three team will be promoted to League III.. It happens because we haven´t teams being relegated yet froom League II to III...
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Conrad Meli
59 Points
Irineos Kakaris
29 Rebounds
Ellis Facer
23 Assists
Yavuz Əmirov
11 Blocks