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Date: 10/25/2009 10:28:06
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Continued on a side note from (96748.1)
Make an app on facebook!
That will surely bring a lot of people. The question is how to do that and what should it cover. Would it be a new game? It most definately should not be a step for the BB to become a facebook app altogether, although I guess it would be a lot of money in it...

Warning, revolutionary idea:
I've got it! A facebook application with "collector cards" of a selective few teams, rotating/changing from time to time. (Or: one player from each team by wish from each manager(to make the existing users aware) or players above a certain level, or some other criteria). This would need some resources, but could bring BB manager closer on facebook (possibly making BB more visible on profiles), and most likely bring more people to BB. Many would probably only use the facebook app (this could also be a source of income for the BB to pay their own salaries so they could work full time and hire the ones they need). It could be several sections, for instance sorted into different series by divisions, country, or regions. Every one should be able to collect each category, and get some kind of reward when they complete a set (trophy or something (like in PS3 games or like the tournament trophy)).

What about contacting Zynga, Playfish or some existing facebook app company if you need skilled people? Perhaps they are also the ones to produce more player photo addons? (more heads, eyes, beards, headbands, goggles, etc.). Sorry for the mess with all the (parantheses?), but that's how it is with "middle-of-the-night" ideas. I wonder if this idea is as good when I wake up in the morning...

Edit: Here is some examples of what I am thinking:
( (in norwegian)
Let's see if this idea has the right to live on it's own.

The actual cards could be as simple as this Norway ASW Season 9 Collection (I know, ...the stats for season 9 shouldn't be included, but you get the point):

Or add stuff like Team/Jersey colors, Poses, Split into front and back, Quotes, Player number, Different backgrounds, Special edition shining cards, etc. I think this would make it very appealing to be supporter. Non-suppporter players must get cards as well*, but they would not be so flashy. There is no end to the possibillities!

1. It would be strange that some great players were missing because the manager doesn't have supporter
2. What happens if the manager decides to get supporter at a later time. The collections of players for each set would be made available all at once.

Topic should be: BB Trading Card Application for Facebook

EDIT: changed the thread title for it to be generalized

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Date: 10/26/2009 11:32:29
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NO ONE at this table ordered a rum & Coke
Charles: Penn has some good people
A CT? Really?
Any two will do
Any three for me
Any four will score
Any five are live
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Date: 10/26/2009 11:37:10
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mmh i had a question, which only had a bit to do with it.

Are there some free banners and graphics for free use, for a buzzerbeater site in the Web.

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Date: 10/28/2009 12:44:22
Leones del Cinaruco
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I think that this is a great idea. But it will point to existing users.

If somebody who be an expert in this Apps' development, maybe could create one that helps to increase the BB Community. However, the cards idea sounds me fantastic!


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Date: 10/29/2009 10:12:27
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It must have been a long time ago. I didn't search, but I have not seen it in my 5 seasons here. Probably there was so much else to work on that it wasn't time and resources. Perhaps it is the time to review the idea.

To get it started and limit the size of the project the first set could be of the NT's (up to 18 cards per nation). Other set's could be U21, B3, with time Top divisions, then perhaps second divisions. If another suggestion goes through with awards, these could also be collections with time: MVP set (per country if several seasons, world if each season), Rookie of the year set, All-BB record holders set (Which would be a 50 card set(+5 per season): 10 season times RB,AST,STL,BLK,PTS) and so on. The idea is vast, but the process could be limited in the start and grow over time as the app kicks off. The design of the cards could vary from collection to collection. All-BB Record holders could for instance be released in a new format every 5 seasons (25 cards).

Many of these should be divided in smaller sets, so users see progress, complete sets and maybe get a bonus card every time a set is completed (for instance: Complete Norway NT season 12 and get a bonus card). Doesn't matter if it is one you already have, because you could trade, and would need to get connected to friends. You may have a point that it will point to excisting users in the first degree, but as users suggest the application to non-BB friends it may be others that like basketball(or trading cards) that will join first the application, then BB. It is a given that any application like this should be propped with lots and lots of links to BB and a bonus limited edition card if they join BB using a special link or promotion code ;D This would not give them any advantage in-game, only bonus in the application, so it does not interfere with the ideology that it should be free to play for all. Perhaps a bonus card/cards also if you buy supporter adjusted according to how long period you buy. This is much the same way Playfish's games work. The only thing I don't support is that you could buy cards for money. Any bonus cards should be connected to usage of BB. This way it would have a supporting role for BB instead of beeing an app of its own.

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