For those who might missed our fun new feature - Pickup games - enjoy free games in anytime you want against anyone you want. You can challenge teams through their Team's Overview and see everything in your Scrimmage page!

It does not count for anything regard your players (no injuries/weekly minutes/experience), it's a fantastic tool for you as a coach to learn about your team strenghts and weanesses, learn what tactics fits your team the best!

Check out this PickUp Game Thread For teams in your level.
The BuzzerBeater Community at a Glance

The world of BuzzerBeater is continually growing.

Here are a few interesting statistics about our community:

13872 active managers from over 227 countries around the world, playing in BuzzerBeater's 103 countries

1767 managers were recently online simultaneously

5188 players are currently for sale on the Transfer List

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