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Sunday, 18 January 2015
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By Shark1999 in season 59:
[u][b]Day 2 (Tuesday 8 November 2022) : Performances[/b] [i]by [link=][/i][/u] [b]Night results[/b] [b]Berlin BC 105[/b] - Whi
By shane24 in Season 58:
oh ok and yeah one of them might win it this season
By Shark1999 in Season 58:
haha yeah I didn't think anyone would either :) I meant the teams on the big 8 the blue side of the bracket. I think those one game playoffs are going to be
By shane24 in Season 58:
this leauge is very quiet. i didn't think anyone would speak
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Will Woods
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Elzo Caputo
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Gennaro Consiglio
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Enrique Ferruces
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