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Sunday, 18 January 2015
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By DoughboyJ in Season 60:
6-24 in the first quarter, down 10 in semis against top team, no way we come back to win this. Can't make buckets, especially the star player. Congrats Muzsnaji
By DoughboyJ in Season 60:
New squad the Eagle Squad is here. Coming in 4 and 7. Let's see if we can make a run in our first half season. We. Are. Coming. Good luck to us. We will nee
By Coach Shnuffy in Season 53:
By BB-Will in Season 53:
Hello. Good luck!
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Dror Rubinstein
83 Points
Tiber Brnický
35 Rebounds
Gaetano Bocchia
21 Assists
Matthieu van Saenredam
13 Blocks