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Sunday, 28 August 2016
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By tico splico in season 60 final:
Thx a lot! Wish you all the best in developing your team and players. To be honest, I was aiming for the BBM title this season. Made it to the semifinals. Los
By Rolandds (Latvia U21) in season 60 final:
GL KK Sloga Gornji Pod :)
By FatCurry in Season 57:
Good luck in the playoffs ladies. [u][b]Season 57 : Performances[/b] [i](by [link=])[/i][/u] [b]Best collective performance
By BigGoofyIrishman in Season 55:
Let me finish tanking this year for the draft and we will see 😛
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Anton Prokhorenkov
87 Points
Edward Myers
38 Rebounds
Chen Yung chia
23 Assists
Dave Fleming
13 Blocks