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Sunday, 18 June 2017
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By Big Njord in Season 58:
*tips cap to baumgrenze* Gutes Spiel.
By karapatsakidis in Season 56:
Thanks man! It was a tough and interesting league, especially with the surprisingly good run of Czarni on our side! Good luck to all of you too! :D
By EGM-Essener in Season 56:
Congratulation for winning the championship and good luck in your new league ! (y)
By EGM-Essener in Season 56:
Oh nice Ayers is the MVP (party) But it was the Buzzermanager website not me :)
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Paweł Dłużniak
87 Points
Ben Bull
35 Rebounds
Andrew Hardie
24 Assists
Jimeno Vidma
12 Blocks