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Sunday, 28 August 2016
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By Coach Law in Season 54:
Well Dang! I thought this was a friendly game. Come off the first game, GPing on a team with everyone under 10K while at home. Ask me for my lineup next time
By ned in Season 48:
@timewilltell, I would overbid for your player but due to site unstable I wasn't able to do it :(
By Balev in Season 48:
Well done. :) Not sure it will be easy for the Drop Bears... GS favours United greatly. We'll see.
By GM-Perpete in Season 48:
Saved my head for one last season. It was some close play-down with DK Corsaires, sorry to make him go back in D4. Not a lot of suspens in the league final t
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Mike Traylor
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José Julio Castagno Suarez
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Yuri Bosatra
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Ethan Logan
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