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Saturday, 21 May 2016
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By argos31 in Season 60:
Unsure of my goals, think it will just be to hang around and make money followed by eventually buying a ton of veteran players in a few seasons' time to go up t
By Yuck in Season 60:
Fancy seeing you here. Just passing through right back down to D4. Good luck on your quest towards heaven.
By Coach Shnuffy in Season 60:
Welcome aboard, and congrats on the promotion. I fully support you in your quest for #1 pick. I think I still need at least one solid year of focused trainin
By Villodres16 in Season 60:
Hi there everyone! First time for me with either of my time at division II but it won't last long beacuse my main goal its to get the first overall pick in the
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Joshua Farrow
92 Points
Wade Wakefield
41 Rebounds
Npaly Horsfall
22 Assists
Vince Camiré
12 Blocks