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Rip City Revival Franchise Created!

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The Trivial Pursuit of Revival

Irv Crombie
Associated Press

Fans of Revival have always understood that there is an ebb and flow to the franchise. And with this the investment of the franchise's resources might shift out of the more obvious and observable resources like players and toward the invisible and unseen elements of building infrastructure.

With this reset, many fans are asking themselves if Revival is truly pursuing growth, or if there are more trivial factors at play.

Some have speculated that this roster may still be in flux. There are echoes of rumors reverberating through town, and if you listen carefully enough you'll hear the name Ed Gabriel. Sledgehammer being the last vestige of a more loveable version of this team.

Now fans must balance the anticipation and promise of youth, with the disappointment of immaturity and a few too many pieces past their prime.

Is Anthony Pedersen a mainstay? Will we see a new reign in Cuitlahuac "The Emperor" Magana, whose Olmec ancestors traversed Mesoamerica playing a deadly game of ceremony and entertainment? Is Emmett "C" Spann part of the plan?

To date, the franchise has remained competitive. And it could be that this continues. But if the rumors are true, it could be more difficult for this group to compete without the low post presence of Gabriel. And any replacement is likely to be more on the development arc of Pedersen, and funds are more likely to go to infrastructure than players.

At some point the hope is that this investment in the foundational elements of this franchise will result in an upgrade.

Fans will once again await and expect Revival, full of faith and hope.

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