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Jim Almeidas Janitor Crew Franchise Created!

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Recent Past and Future Plans

Delacruz did not end up turning out how we would have liked, so we were forced to let him go a little while ago. However, we have held on to his partner Leroy Blum who will continue to be a crucial piece to this team.

This past season, The Crew made it to the Cup final after a great gameplan allowed us to upset Flash Mashers. We ended up losing in a good game in the final against our good buddy Apex and Atelier.

After reflecting on the current roster, after relegation series will come the start of a rebuilding process. It will not take quite as long as the one when we acquired Delacruz way back when, but moves will be made and we are excited for the future.

Stay tuned to see how The Crew approaches it's next steps....

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