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Dewayne Brewster to Leave Lobstahs

Leading scorer and locker room presence Dewayne Brewster was posted to the TL earlier today for $150k. He was a steady source of points and experience but a mediocre season demanded change, and the aging point guard is the first to go. Will the other shoe, Rodney Hopper, drop as well? Time will tell.

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By: John Marcum
To: Dextah
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06/09/2021 21:46:02
Looking at his skill set, i now see how he could have on consecutive games a great game followed by a mediocre one -- it's his inside shot. To get rid of your leading scorers -- looks like Lengends will win a third straight relegation series.

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By: Dextah
To: John Marcum
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06/10/2021 09:11:09
I don't know... I think Hopper won't sell. If he doesn't his natural position is SG, and his inside shot is much better than Brewster's. I hope to be here next season.

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