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Injuries should go to hell

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From: E.B.W.

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Date: 5/21/2023 6:16:00 PM
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Injuries are a part of sports and this is a sports management game. Part of the complexities and challenges of BB are injuries and the ability to have depth/options to overcome them. Can they be season altering? Yes. I've had multiple playoff runs cut short/end because of an injury. Last season, one of my better U21 players was injured before the semi-finals. It happens.

If you wanted to have a productive conversation about injuries in BB, that's one thing. This forum thread titled "Injuries should go to hell" does not sound like it was created to solve issues/make suggestions based on factual arguments or even opinions, rather it was for you to rant and throw around curse words (which by the way is not allowed in the forums).

I'm in favor of keeping injuries because I think that while they are not "fair", they are one of the factors that allow BB to be more realistic to real life basketball and real life GM problems. BB has never had full season injuries/most of the season injuries and I think BB has also reduced injuries to a point where they are more manageable. Others may argue that they don't value realism as much and want game enjoyment (no injuries ever) to be prioritized, which I can also see an argument for, even if I don't agree.

Your player is currently listed as:
Injury! 15 - 29 days
Details: concussion

This means that he is likely to miss 4-7 games and likely closer to 4-5 games with your level 3 doctor. If one player missing 4-5 games at the very beginning of the season is enough to crush your entire season, then your team setup might not have been the best. Looking at your roster, my guess is this is more of an inconvenience than a season-crusher for you, but you are welcome to disagree.

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From: Bernspin

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Date: 5/23/2023 5:59:54 PM
Franca Shoemakers Revival
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Mito só o da Caverna

Can we add a torn ACL and out for a season? Maybe with some skill drops, as well.

I guess career ending injuries should be implemented for the sake of realism. You spend a lot of money to draft that magical 18yo hall of famer, train him for 7-8 seasons sacrificing your team, which is still stuck on division III, then when your guy is ready and is finally called by the national coach he gets an achiles tendon rupture and his career is over. It happens in real life, why not happen here too? That would add so much depth and realism to this game...

From: Vegas
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Date: 5/24/2023 8:08:46 AM
Team 77784
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What I find hilarious is last week I hire a 6 level doctor with speciality, and yesterday I got injured my PF (and almost lost the match) withouth returning to the game for 16-32 days.

Yes, it is bad luck. Always has been.

From: Rasho
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Date: 5/24/2023 9:07:01 AM
Prva Liga BiH
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In the last season's league final the best player of my team got injured in the second quarter of the first game at home while I was leading and at the end I lost easily the game. For me it was not a problem because things like that are happening but bigger problem in my opinion was that another starter got exhausted in the last quarter because of 1 minute overplaying and exhaustion is very very very big drop in the last quarter. I was leading at the end of the 3rd and lost by 18 at the end. I really can't believe that GE can't adapt when injury happens and make little bit more(not planned before the game) substitutions if we have enough players on the bench, and I had 3 more players on the bench. I don't want exhaustion to happen if injury occur my player if I have enough players on the bench...

You follow the game, your hands are tied, you can't do anything, and if you had a 1% chance , you wouldn't let it happen.

Exhaustion is good thing in this game but effects of exhaustion are too big and not logic very often. In big games it should be little bit different than in regular games... We saw Lebron at the age of 38 playing 48 minutes 2 days ago against Denver and played really good and hard defence. Jokić played 45. Here in the last quarter they would look like playing in wheelchair..

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Date: 5/24/2023 5:05:30 PM
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IMB Team
About injuries, I think that it has to be more frequent, shorter (from 2 to 10 days for example) and maybe include a new type of injuries, that you can use your injuried player but his habilities would be reduced for a period of time

Brain storming!

Cuatro ojos tiene el puente
From: Phosrik1

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Date: 5/28/2023 12:28:22 AM
Swiss Cheese Defense
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IQ Under Room Temp
Even the best doctor can't repair a torn ACL that quick!

From: Joruus

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Date: 5/28/2023 5:27:41 PM
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Injuries are there to make the game more realistic. No worries, that's fine with me.
However, in reality, at least in somel European leagues, it's possible to recruit players in replacement on a a short-period contract, and to take out insurance to partially cover the possible difference in salary. But that doesn't exist on BB.
We could perhaps add paid but non-compulsory insurance to limit the deadweight loss due to the payment of the salary of an injured player.
In the end, there's only the bad side of reality on BB. We just have to cry when a player is out for some days or weeks.

From: Coco

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Date: 5/28/2023 11:51:39 PM
Black Light
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Capitol Hill Arrows
This is a cool idea. It might never happen but the idea of insurance is very much in the spirit of the game.