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Inside or outside isolation

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Date: 03/17/2023 19:13:24
Swiss Cheese Defense
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Suppose my entire team is defense oriented except for my PF who is more of an outside threat than an inside one. Would I select inside isolation because he is a PF or outside isolation because of his range to focus on him?

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Date: 03/17/2023 20:25:43
Mountain Eagles
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Ric Flair Drippers
Generally, as far as Isolations go Outside Isolation refers to the Offensive Player (outside threat so generally either a Guard or SF) who can get the most buckets and/or output for his team. It'd be highly advised to have this guy with a ton of DR/HA/JS/IS with possibly a little bit of PA to pass out to an open man. Offense still needs a couple of other players to be able to run effectively.

Inside Isolation is the opposite, though with a Big Man who is very skilled. A big man with great IS and some PA is lethal.

I've had more time playing with Inside Iso. throughout my time and it helps to have jump shooters who can knock down jumpers/threes around a big man with good IS/PA so he can either dunk it down low or pass it out to the shooter. More known as a "Hub".

I'd recommend Inside Iso. if he has that Passing so it can feature him more and maybe add shooters if you don't have those.