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U21 National Team Debate Thread (thread closed)

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Date: 07/27/2022 23:54:48
Coos Bay Cougars
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What can managers who are not capable of financially or infastructure-wise train a U21 or NT prospect do to help contribute to helping the USA national team, staff, setup, or pipeline?

Would it help to have every under staffed team not producing talent, investing heavily in the draft and then selling those prospect on to capable trainers?

People browsing the forums to collect data on opposing players?

Staying active to promote a community that maintains manager commitment to training?

If you could hive-mind all the casual managers not training the next Larry "Downtown" Dowd what would you have them doing that would help?

Congrats on the gold and best of luck running it back.

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Date: 07/28/2022 10:10:20
Jim Almeidas Janitor Crew
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Jim Almeidas Backups
Any of those options would be great, along with joining our discord server (click on discord icon at the bottom of the page). Any questions about training, u21 and just general BB knowledge myself or some others will be happy to answer on the server. We have a lively and active crowd over there and always welcoming new faces! We also don't have much chatter on these forums here in the USA so trying to make these forums more lively would be good as well!

From: tough

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Date: 07/30/2022 22:50:13
Mountain Eagles
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Ric Flair Drippers
Here is a million dollar question, that I think a ton of outside managers might be thinking:

So you've worked hard for 1 calendar year training a player that might help the U21 team. However when it comes time for the bright lights, that player just wasn't necessarily good enough to crack the USA U21 Roster. I've experienced it when I was younger. I'm sure countless managers have done so as well. From a normal users' perspective it might be frustrating to see a player you've worked hard on developing not make the final cut.

I'm sure a lot of you guys hear my word of "investment" coming from the discord channel at times. New users and new trainers are paramount to sustaining prolonged success atop the U21 competition. Now that you've won a gold and have some momentum, what are the few things you're looking towards on the side of developing new trainer talent and luring the less common crowd towards the U21 scene?