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New to Buzzerbeater? Read this!

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Date: 08/03/2011 01:10:35
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First of all, welcome! I'm ViceLicious and I thought I'd share some tips for the new players :) This is just ONE possible way to run your team. There isn't ONE right way to run your team. Just more efficient ways and different styles.

Our community

I bet you’re wondering what the first and most important thing to do is? Let me answer that for you! Drop a message here, to introduce yourselves! This game’s a lot more fun if you participate in the community :) (thread link when its created)

If you’re on Facebook, I’d like to extend an invitation to you to join our FB group.

Getting Started
I’m pretty sure everything’s a little confusing for you right now. It was for all of us when we started too!

I suggest that you start reading the FAQ first It’ll answer a lot of questions you’ll have. :)

When you’re done with that, you might want to check this out:

Enthusiasm Shape

These are the two most basic things that you’ll need to know to manage your team :)

Your team
Look at your roster and check for this:

1. Trainees
Firstly, look for possible trainees you might have. Ideally there should be 18 or 19 years old. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a trainee that is 18 or 19 years old with at least 3k in salary.

2. Your players
You start with 18 players. That’s more than you need. I suggest you trim your roster down to about 11-13 players. Fire the rest, they’ll just be leeching salary and causing unnecessary expense. How do you decide this?

a) Get rid of those with the lowest salaries. Unless they are 18 or 19 years old.
b) Keep at LEAST 1 – 2 players for each position. So that’s two players that can play PG, 2 for SG and so forth.
c) If you can’t decide between players who have the same skills and salary, fire the older one.

3. Get a trainer
Buy yourself a level 4 trainer. That’s an ADVANCED trainer. Do NOT buy a trainer that has a salary more than 15k. You do NOT need that. You should be looking to spend a max of 25 – 50k on an ADVANCED trainer.

4. Start two position training
Because you have limited money, chances are you’ll not have much cash to buy a super player. That’s fine! It’s your first season! Do NOT spend more than 50k on a trainee! Try to get about 4 decent trainees. Get the 5th one when you have the cash. I suggest that you train GUARDS. They’re worth a lot more when you resell them on the market
To find a nice guard trainee for your new team look for these criteria:
a) Height 190 and below – the shorter the better! They’ll train faster
b) Salary about 3k at minimal
c) Skills at MINUMUM. The higher the better obviously
JS – 5 JR -5, OD 6, PS 6
These are your PRIMARY SKILLS. And the most important.
d) Potential of at least STAR. Any thing higher than STAR and meets the above requirements that doesn't break your bank is cool (50k or less)
e) Try to get 18 or 19 year olds. 20 is really pushing it, but still ok in some instances.

The reason I suggest you train two position is because:
a) You get more players faster and your squad grows stronger faster
b) Your trainees will have low potential. They’ll cap very soon, so its ok to take your time training them.
c) You can sell of the trainees later on to make some money to upgrade your trainee to one with better starting skills or potential. Or even buy some nice starters for your team.
d) Managing minutes when you’re new and unfamiliar with your team can be tricky. Two position training makes it easier to get 48+ minutes for all your trainees.

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Date: 08/03/2011 01:10:51
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5. Your Arena.
Depending on whether you start at division II or III, you’ll need to start building on your arena. If possible always try to build small projects with your extra cash. Trust me, the arena is your lifeline for revenue. If it is always full, you need to start building more seats! If you’re unsure of prices, or how many to build, just look at the other teams in you.

You can also contact the following managers if you have questions:

ViceLicious (52768)
TerFu (52658)
Shakku (52680)
YxQx (52663)

Do drop by our National Forums as well. Its a lot more active there!

Good luck!