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What a Season!

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Date: 06/29/2011 04:55:54
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This is probably the League's most intense Season! - The Commissioner of the Lebanese Super Buzzer League Hagob Makhtarian

Probably the Groups Leaders are already known! With Jadzzz Being unbeatable until this very moment & KOM remaining in his top position ahead of the Great 8 Division, yet what is happening amongst the rest of the Division is what's making this League more exciting this Season!

Big 8 Division has 3 teams competing on positions between (2-3-4), of course being Second or Third means a bigger chance reaching the Division's finals as they wont have to meet with Jadzzz in the Semis!

Reemz, Lebanons & Bekaa Tigers, three of them stand with 13 Win & 6 losses as the league is getting closer to and end with 3 more games to be played in the regular season.

It was to everyone's surprise that The Tigers managed to Nail their game against Reems at Reemz Arena! (124 - 118); A game that got everyone up on their feet and scrambled the whole standings of the Big 8 Division!

So, how will the standings end up? who's facing who in the Semis? This question, will be answered in the very few coming days!