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Serhal Claims Cup Loss (Strategic!!)

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Date: 05/05/2011 16:54:57
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After a 5-0 Run, came the first game to change that run for the Tigers, Now they got their first loss while fans were hoping for a super run in the Cup similar to the League

Following the game and during the press conference, Tiger's Boss "Fadi Serhal" claimed that today's loss was strategic to let the team focus on what's important, which is the League and getting a decent position in the playoffs!

We're not getting much from the cup, our players are under stress for nothing! and for what? 60k by the end of the game? It doesnt even pay the salary of 1 player!! If the league doesn't look at the teams income in Cup Games, soon you'll be saying Play Station freaks in my starters announcement!

This is considered by far Serhal's strongest comment again the Leagues Federation and it left lots of questions! Is it the begining of a war between Serhal & the LSBL Federation?

From: Jadoo

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Date: 05/06/2011 06:24:16
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Why dont you just admit Idox outplayed you? :p
Playing in the cup is not easy , specially when you play against good teams. You should plan the minutes of your team rightly to win it.... but seems Serhal is still a beginner :p