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Date: 04/29/2011 17:21:04
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Those who knows Fadi Serhal are definitely not surprised with what's happening amongst the alleys of The Kodak Arena especially with all the new comers to the team are being somehow (Young).
Yet, since not many knows about Serhal's (Code of the Game) in Lebanon, many are being surprised, but taking a quick look to what Fadi Serhal is trying to do, we can notice that he is trying to build up a team of 13 rosters in which 9 of them are below 26 y/o (6 of them are 22 - ) around a group of Veterans that will last for probably 2-3 more seasons with the team before giving the space to those youngsters!
Let's have a look at the Tigers Potential Players:
# Musa Shahriar Bdaywi - 20 Y/O - PG - all Star: That's Musa's second season in the Tiger's formation, after having the coach's trust past season and managing to book his seat in the first regular five, Musa managed to get some astonishing results in the past season (12.4 pts, 5.6 assts & 1.4 steals). Not bad for a rookie at all!
# Ante Salina - 22 Y/O - SG - perennial allstar: Ante's Second season with the team and a great development in his skills! he went up from a 4k salary to 8k salary by the beginning of the season and at the age of 22, we still have a lot to see from that player that had some nice figures last year (11.4 pts, 4.7 assts, 4.2 rbds).
# Milos Nesic - 22 Y/O - C - all Star: The Serb rookie came to the Tiger's after facing huge failure at his home country, yet the trust given to him along side playing next to 2 Giants (Zafer Ermiyeh & Fabien Duchatel) as well getting a bit of experience from the Argentinian International (Tom Werribee) that played for a couple of games with the Tigers, all these combined gave Milos all the boost needed to get the team up from the Second Division all the way to the Super League with amazing figures (7.4 pts, 7.6 rbds, 22mnts of play). Milos is expected to play a bigger role this season especially after Zafer Ermiye declaring this season as his last in his career!
# Šimo Mandić - 19 Y/O - C - Superstar: The newest addition to the Tiger's Rosters was the Bosnian Rookie (Šimo Mandić) who promises to form a great Twin Towers along side Milos Necis! Simo is yet to participate in his first game and to begin his Training with the Tigers.
Abu Bashiti - I Miss The Kodak Arena and the noise of the crowds

In a statement made to the Croatian Daily HKK Newsten, Lebanese U21 National Abu Bashiti stated that he misses being at the (Always Sold Out) Kodak Arena and he misses the voices of the Crowds while chanting before and during the game!
He stated that what he misses the most is the spirit of the fans that kept cheering for the team even during the hard moments during their first season at the SuperLeague.
Abu Bashiti was sold to HKK Povile after rumors reporting clashes with Coach Fadi Serhal, following these alleged clashes, Abu Bashiti was surprisingly on the transfer list!
No CalcioPoli in the Lebanese Super League

The Commissioner of the Lebanese Super Buzzer League Hagob Makhtarian said that the comity didn't find any signs of games miscalculations or even attempts to bribe players/referees! Makhtarian stated that this season will be amongst the strongest in the league history and is even expecting a new champion!

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