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Season 15 - KOM's last "Easy Championship" ?

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Date: 04/20/2011 17:06:18
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Season 15 is officially over with not much of surprises for any of the observers!

KOM is still again the champion of the Lebanese Super League & Will be representing Lubnan in the B3 Championship in which he had a very good run at past season, Jadzzz accepted the 2nd position & Toncek Veselič was named MVP of the Season.

On another hand, all eyes are heading towards season 16! with the official first scrimmages are being held by almost everyone to test on new players & set up their season tactics!

Not much of a remarkable Shopping Sprees exept for Extreme Team who spent around 1MIL on 3 players and apparently that are planning to fight on Playoffs Positions!

Now speaking about Season 16, the two power horses (KOM & JADZZZ) will be setting their stars up for a clash promised to be spectacular! As said by Jadzzz Manager in a previous statement which somehow was a heckling statement as well
Next season a different story .. will the KOM remain King of Monoi or turn into Prince of Monoi? We'll see :p

What will KOM's reply be! And on the other hand what will be the reply of other teams such as Reemz, Lebanon Storm, Until Spring, Lebanons, Sagesse Achrafieh & The Dark horse of season 15 Bekaa Tigers?

We won't have answers right now, but the season is just around the corner! and then, all answers will be revealed!

From: Jadoo

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Date: 04/21/2011 10:39:39
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Hahaha dude u should work as a beat writer or a sports writer something like that !! :)
Piece of advice for everyone: make sure to expand ur arena to 20k! (16k bleachers, 3k lower-tier, 450 seats, 50 boxes or something along these lines)